Home News Video: Harold Lederman talks Andre Ward’s upcoming fight

Video: Harold Lederman talks Andre Ward’s upcoming fight

Credit: Will Hart - HBO

Harold Lederman is back with another installment of his Hey Harold series, as the HBO Boxing unofficial scorer takes a look at upcoming matches and offers his analysis on the fighters and the bout itself.

Here, he’s taking a look at the upcoming fight for Andre Ward. The S.O.G. returns to the ring against Alexander Brand on HBO Boxing on Saturday, August 6th. What awaits Ward after that, and what everyone is really looking forward to, is the potential clash against Sergey Kovalev.

Lederman calls Ward a great fighter, and says that he jumps right on and gets in your face as soon as the bell rings. He calls that Ward’s secret. In Alexander Brand, Lederman talks about how he supposedly had 400 amateur fights. And being from Colombia, and at the age of 39, Lederman wonders what he’s going to be able to bring to the table, especially at this weight class.

Then Ward offers a bit of a prediction – a first round knockout victory for Ward. Nonetheless, he talks about how it is what has become a rare opportunity to simply see Ward in action so you won’t want to miss it.