Home News Video: HBO Boxing’s Harold Lederman discusses training judges

Video: HBO Boxing’s Harold Lederman discusses training judges

Credit: Richard A. Esposito

In the latest HBO Boxing video from the Hey Harold series, Harold Lederman answers a fan question about the training of judges, and whether or not there is any official program they have to go through, and from there, whether or not there are any active evaluations.

Clearly, this is a hot topic for fight fans, and a frustrating one. It’s also one we’ve discussed on many occasions.

Lederman though discusses programs where judges discuss and evaluate the scoring of difficult or controversial rounds in various fights. And he talks about that’s how you learn how to judge a fight, hearing from others and attending these seminars.

But really… that’s a way of saying that no, there are no adequate training programs in place, nor are there adequate evaluations. The failure of judges in the sport of boxing to score fights the correct way is a routine and disturbing problem, and it’s continuing to get worse and worse.