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Video interview with Bob Arum: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. wasn’t in fighting condition, needs new trainer

In this video interview with Bob Arum, he goes to town on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and his latest performance against Bryan Vera, in which he escaped with a controversial decision victory. Arum says over and over again that Chavez wasn’t in shape, and that he needs a new trainer and has to get his act together, or else his career could be over. He also talks about the potential of a rematch with Bryan Vera.

Take a look at what Arum has to say.

Here are a few quotes from Arum on Chavez and his struggles:

“It was a fight which was very very close, but shouldn’t have been close… it seemed clear that Chavez wasn’t in fighting condition.”

“He’s gotta get himself a trainer who’s a boss, and who he’ll listen to… A trainer who knows what he’s doing, and who will make him come to the gym every day.”

“He’s extraordinarily talented, but you have to be in fighting shape to perform.”

“How can you make 160? Who are you kidding?… But 168? You should be able to make it with no difficulty”

“If sense doesn’t prevail… it could be the end of his career.”

Interesting thoughts, and it does seem like Arum is pursuing a Chavez vs. Vera rematch at 168 lbs.