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Video: Ricky Hatton says Paul Butler is going to be a breakout star

Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Paul Butler is fresh off the biggest win of his still young career. In his first real step-up fight, he took care of business to win a title strap against Stuart Hall.

Now, Ricky Hatton already thinks that Butler is already going to be a breakout star and household name. There have been some comparisons between Hatton and Butler, and Hatton believes that Butler can rise to the top with a strong backing from his fans in Liverpool.

Hatton does think that Butler still has some maturation to do, and that he needs to become stronger. But those are things he’ll get in time, and he’ll become more of a full-fledged, stronger bantamweight, and potentially move up in weight from there as well.

Take a look at this full video interview with Hatton put together by BoxNation to hear more about what Hatton thinks about Butler, his win over Hall, and all the rest.