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Video: Tarver-Kayode, Quillin-Wright press conference highlights

On June 2, Showtime is offering a stacked quadrupleheader loaded with talent and intriguing fights. It’s headlined by Antonio Tarver vs. Lateef Kayode, and the co-feature is Peter Quillin vs. Winky Wright. The presser got heated up, and everyone exchanged some interesting words. You can check out a video of the presser highlights right here.

Things got especially intense between Tarver and Kayode. Kayode is mad at Tarver stemming from some insulting commentary during his fights, and wants to score an early knockout. Tarver doesn’t think he has a chance of pulling that off, and he’s going to unceremoniously welcome him to big time boxing.

Kayode ends up ripping off his shirt, and then Quillin follows suit as he excitedly talks about fighting Wright and taking the fight to Pluto… whatever that might mean.

Two of the best fighters from the last generation trying to make a last stand against some young guns. Enjoy the Quillin-Wright and Tarver vs. Kayode video press conference highlights.