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Video: The best Juan Manuel Marquez highlights

Credit: Will Hart - HBO

Juan Manuel Marquez has had one of the most accomplished careers of any fighter from his generation. Right here, you can relive many of those great moments with a great collection of Marquez highlights and greatest hits.

Marquez is currently preparing to take on Mike Alvarado, and hopes that a win there gets him the fifth fight against arch-rival Manny Pacquiao this fall. Of course, the single best, most exciting and most memorable highlight of Marquez’s career is his one-punch knockout victory against Pacquiao in their fourth and most recent outing.

But, he’s certainly done much more than that. And he’s heading back to his roots with a fight in LA at The Forum, where he plied his trade in the early days of his career.

Take a seat and enjoy this great, hard-hitting edition of Juan Manuel Marquez video highlights, and see all of his counter-punching brilliance and warrior instincts on display.