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Video: Top 5 knockouts from Mikey Garcia

The undefeated WBO featherweight titlist Mikey Garcia has been one of the sport’s top prospects for quite some time. Now, he’s one of the quickest rising champions, with a growing fan base and audience, and recognition in top pound for pound lists. Right here, you can watch a Mikey Garcia highlights video showcasing the fighters top 5 knockout finishes. Take a look to see Garcia in action and to witness what has gotten the still young fighter so much recognition and attention over the past few years from fight fans.

Garcia is capable of absolutely flattening opponents. And it all seems so effortless, as he’s very smooth and technically proficient with his attack. He waits for his opportunities to come to him, and he certainly capitalizes on them once he sees them. Some awesome footage here of Garcia and his knockout power in action.

Of course, this Saturday night on HBO, Mikey Garcia faces off against a fighter with more than a few highlight reel knockouts of his own, Juan Manuel Lopez. So which man can land the better shot, or take the better shot? We’ll have to wait and see.

Enjoy the video highlights of Mikey Garcia’s top 5 best and most exciting fight finishes, and be sure to continue checking back with ProBoxing-Fans.com for more boxing news updates all day, every day.