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“Maravilla” documentary on Sergio Martinez trailer released

Credit: Will Hart - HBO

ESPN has exclusively released the official trailer for the new documentary, “Maravilla,” based on the struggle of Middleweight Champion Sergio Martinez to reclaim his crown in boxing.

Watch the preview video here on ESPN.com

The documentary deals primarily on the Martinez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. bout, and the drama which led up to it. Martinez was the champion, but was then stripped of his belt by the WBC. The title was then awarded to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. So when Martinez and Chavez finally fought, Martinez was technically the challenger although he was also the true champion of the two fighters.

In this preview of the “Maravilla” documentary, you’ll see some intense clips of trash-talking between the camps, plenty of angry Lou DiBella, and much more. It looks like it will be an entertaining documentary, and of course, you can’t make up the crazy stuff and backwards politics which actually occurs in the world of boxing.

“Maravilla” will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival April 2014. The film is included in the lineup for the eighth annual Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival, sponsored by Mohegan Sun, as well as part of the Viewpoint section of the Festival. It is directed by Juan Cadaveira, produced by Blue Productions and Co-Produced by BK Blu Productions.

Enjoy watching this video of the Sergio Martinez documentary, “Maravilla”!