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Videos: All Access shows Angulo in the gym with Berto & Khan

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

The All Access: Canelo Alvarez vs. Alfredo Angulo documentary preview show airs on Friday, February 28th, about a week before they clash in the headline event of a Showtime PPV. We’ve already brought you the video preview of Episode 1, but here, we have some more special videos and behind the scenes footage for you to enjoy.

In the first video, we see Alfredo Angulo in camp with trainer Virgil Hunter, who’s also training Amir Khan and Andre Berto, amongst others. We see Berto talking about Angulo, and actually holding one of the video cameras to record Angulo training. The two of them keep things pretty light. We also hear from Amir Khan, who says that in camp they’re always helping each other out, and there’s real friendship there.

In the next video, we see that Canelo likes to keep things light, too. So he hits up the bowling alley with his team, including brother Ricardo who’s also in action on March 8th.

They try to keep things fresh and avoid getting bored while they’re hard at work all day every day in camp. Of course, with guys like Canelo around, everything turns into a serious competition, and it’s no different with bowling.

Stay tuned for more Canelo vs. Angulo updates in the coming days!