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Videos: Froch vs. Groves post-fight presser, rematch in the works?

Credit: Lawrence Lustig

Carl Froch scored a controversial TKO victory over George Groves with the help of the referee, as the third man in the ring halted the action exceedingly quickly after Froch got his man hurt in the 9th Round. At the post-fight press conference for Froch vs. Groves, both men and their teams had plenty to say, and you can watch the full videos right here.

Groves believes he was dominating the fight, and was well on his way to victory. He doesn’t understand why Froch was allowed to go on after the knockdown, and throughout the whole bout, but he was never given a chance.

Froch actually believes the stoppage was justified, or at least that’s what he’s making himself say. So he feels like this is a legitimate knockout victory and that’s all there is to it. Although he has said already that if a rematch can be worked out and that’s what people want, then he would go ahead with that as well.

Both men look like they’ve been through a tough battle, although it’s actually Groves who looks the worst for the wear.

Lots of interesting stuff in these videos, so enjoy watching the post-fight press conferences for Froch vs. Groves and check back with ProBoxing-Fans.com for more coverage of the fight and its aftermath in the coming days.