Home Interviews More on Pacquiao vs. Rios results: Photos, video interviews, fighter quotes

More on Pacquiao vs. Rios results: Photos, video interviews, fighter quotes

Credit: Chris Farina / Top Rank

Manny Pacquiao dominated Brandon Rios on Saturday night, cruising to a wide decision victory in their HBO pay-per-view clash. The Pacquiao vs. Rios results played out much the way that many thought it would — a one-sided performance from Pacquiao, a fighter who was simply vastly more skilled than his opponent.

Right here, you’ll find more great coverage on the Pacquiao vs. Rios results, including fight night photos of the action, quotes from the fighters, video interviews with Pacquiao and Roach, and even more. Take a look.

Pacquiao vs. Rios Photos

Post-Fight Quotes

Manny Pacquiao was classy as ever in defeat. Here’s a few of the things he had to say in his post-fight interview with Max Kellerman:

“He hit me with a good, solid punch. And I tell you, it’s hard. It’s hard. I hurt.” – On being hit with a big shot in Round 5.

“My time is not over yet. Rios is not an easy opponent. He’s a good fighter, a strong fighter, I considered this fight one of the toughest of my career.”

“After the fight, we are all brothers and sisters.” – On showing respect to Alex Ariza and Team Rios.

“I would like to thank all the Filipino people, especially to those people who are affected by typhoon. The fight is for you. The honor is for you. Thank you so much to all of you.”

Brandon Rios Quotes:

Rios praised Pacquiao, although a bit sparingly, and was defiant and insistent that he still did better than so many of his critics thought he would:

“Manny did a great job, he’s very fast.

“I thought I was a four round fighter, but I got through 12 rounds.”

The question now, of course, turns to what and who is next for Manny Pacquiao, and surely there will be plenty of time to discuss and debate his options, of which there is no shortage.

As for us, over the next few days we’ll keep on providing you with all of the post-fight coverage you need, with divisional top 10 rankings updates, pound for pound rankings updates, more photos and videos, and other takeaways from the fights.

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