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Vitali Klitscho training camp workout video

The latest video release from team Klitschko is this clip right here featuring Vitali Klitschko working the heavy bag. Klitschko, sporting a black eye as he gets in a fast-paced bag workout, is preparing for his next title defense, against the woefully overmatched (see the betting odds in our sidebar) opponent, Manuel Charr. Watch the Vitali Klitschko training video below.

It’s a black and white video, with some music in the background, put together by Michael Sterling Eaton, who always does a good job with all of his videos and photos for the Klitschko brothers. It’s just a few minutes long, and you’ll see Vitali on the heavy bag, and then on the speed bag as well, focused in camp as he looks to retain his titles once again. He looks like he’s working hard and that he means business regardless of the perceive quality of his opponent. Take a look here and enjoy.