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Ward vs. Green Weigh-In Photos and Results

The huge Allan Green vs. Andre Ward Super Six Stage 2 battle is tomorrow night. The two fighters squared off today at the weigh-in. Take a look at some great photos from the weigh-in, and check out the results in terms of what they weighed and how they appeared.

Ward vs. Green Weights

  • Andre Ward: 167.75 lbs
  • Allan Green: 166 lbs

Both men clearly were able to make weight, with Green coming in at a somewhat surprising 2 lbs under. Both fighters look fit and ready, and both are clearly eager to prove the doubters wrong. Ward is ready to continue to prove that he’s the number 1 guy to beat in the tournament, while Green wants to showcase that’s worthy to be included and that he can flip the whole tournament over and on it’s head.

Referee – Raul Caiz, Sr.
Judges – Glen Feldman, Marty Sammon, Alfredo Polanco

Ward vs. Green Weigh-in Photos

Check back in later this weekend for more coverage and follow-up from the Ward vs. Green Super Six battle.