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Watch Cotto vs. Martinez live streaming online

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Tonight at Madison Square Garden and televised across the globe on HBO pay-per-view, Sergio Martinez takes on Puerto Rican legend Miguel Cotto. With yet another expensive boxing PPV event putting fans in a tough position, more than ever before, many are seeking out ways to watch Cotto vs. Martinez live streaming online.

Fans are forced to do this because they don’t have the money to continue shelling out for all of these pay-per-views. There has been at least one major PPV event every month this year, and at a minimum of $50 and up to $70, it’s simply too much for most to keep up with. However, if you watch Martinez vs. Cotto live stream video, you could run into a whole new set of problems. That’s why ProBoxing-Fans.com is offering our live Cotto vs. Martinez round by round results coverage as an alternative, as we do for all of the major boxing PPVs.

There’s more than one downside and potential consequence for watching Cotto vs. Martinez live streaming online from a video feed. First off, there’s the whole issue of legality. You’re breaking the law and doing something inappropriate when you watch an illegally sourced boxing feed online. (Note: You can watch a live stream feed online which is legal. These are offered by the major providers and sports websites, and cost money, just like watching on your television).

Beyond that, you can never really trust any of these websites or programs. The minute you make that download or start watching, you could end up loading your computer with viruses, spyware, malware, and who knows what from who knows where.

Finally, watching a live stream video feed is also unreliable. It may work great for the undercard, but it might be cut off or disappear just as the main event starts, or at the most exciting moment of the match, leaving you out of luck.

That’s why we encourage all fight fans to skip watching Cotto vs. Martinez live streaming online and spend some time with our Martinez vs. Cotto results blog instead. We’ll be offering continuous, nonstop updates all night long. That includes the main event in addition to all of the undercard fights, and all of the important fight night notes and details you need. You won’t find a better, more detailed and more accurate, and more constantly and consistently updated live blog than you will right here.

So you have your choices lined out for you, buying the pay-per-view, hanging out with us and our awesome live round by round blog, or going the sketchy route of watching a Cotto vs. Martinez live stream online. It’s up to you, but choose wisely, fight fans!