Weigh-in results & photos: Salido vs. Garcia, Golovkin vs. Rosado

Orlando Salido vs. Mikey Garcia weigh-in results

The official weigh-ins for Saturday’s HBO tripleheader were held today, with all of the combatants for the three main bouts stepping on the scales: Orlando Salido vs. Mikey Garcia, Gennady Golovkin vs. Gabriel Rosado, and Roman Martinez vs. Juan Carlos Burgos. Right here, you can view a collection of weigh-in photos for the event, and the official weights and weigh-in results. Take a look.

Weigh-in Pictures

Weigh-in Results

Orlando Salido vs. Mikey Garcia – WBO Featherweight Title

  • Salido: 126 lbs
  • Garcia: 125.6 lbs

Both men made weight, although Salido looked like he was struggling bit. He literally began chugging a beverage as soon as he stepped off the scales, but he did look muscular and strong. Garcia is leaner and lankier, but looks to be in great condition.

Gennady Golovkin vs. Gabriel Rosado – WBA Middleweight Title

  • Golovkin: 160 lbs
  • Rosado: 159 lbs

Rosado was all business, quickly getting on and off the scales, while Golovkin looked a bit happier to be there and enjoying the moment. The two had a lengthy staredown, and it was interesting to see that Rosado actually was taller than Golovkin — not sure if he had put on his shoes though before squaring off.

Roman Martinez vs. Juan Carlos Burgos – WBO Super Featherweight Title

  • Martinez: 129.5 lbs
  • Burgos: 129 lbs

In a fight filled with great action, this fight could steal the show, and both Martinez and Burgos look to be cut and eager to get into the ring.

Three great fights, three titles on the line, and six hungry fighters all of whom have something to prove. Should be an excellent night of boxing!

Also appearing on the stacked undercard are prospects such as Mikael Zewski, Glen Tapia, Seanie Monaghan and Felix Verdejo.

Thanks for checking out our coverage of the Golovkin vs. Rosado and Salido vs. Garcia weigh-in results, and be sure to check back in with us this weekend for full post-fight coverage and analysis.

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