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Welterweight Division Rankings Updated After Berto-Zaveck

Andre Berto easily took care of business over titleholder Jan Zaveck on Saturday night, and as a result, he’s right back to where he was in the welterweight division… talented titleholder who is looking for a big name victory to solidify his status. After Berto-Zaveck, it’s time to go back to our welterweight division rankings and see where everyone stands. Here is the updated top 10 welterweight boxers in the world.

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Obviously Berto restored some luster to his name, although many people will be uncomfortable with his still glaring deficiencies. Zaveck was tagging him pretty solidly throughout the fight, even as Berto’s speed and power overwhelmed him. So how high does Berto move back up, and how high does Zaveck fall?

Where does everyone else in the top 10 of the welterweight division stand? Where are the prospects Mike Jones and Kell Brook? Is Shane Mosley still in the top 10? Of course, the big fight for the division will take place in two weeks, when Mayweather vs. Ortiz is held on September 17th. That will also help to settle some things and we’ll go back to the rankings once again after that.