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Which weight division is the best in boxing today?

Credit: Tom Hogan - Hoganphotos / GBP

Best Weight Divisions in Boxing – A Comprehensive Series from ProBoxing-Fans.com:

In boxing today there’s an overwhelming seventeen different weight classes. Never before has it been this difficult for the observer to understand who fights in what division, never mind which division is particularly worth paying an interest in.

In this exclusive series from ProBoxing-Fans.com, we will allay all concerns and provide you with an in-depth analysis of the best, most competitive, most exciting and most meaningful weight divisions in boxing, helping us to determine which weight division is the best in the entire sport.

The ProBoxing-Fans.com team of writers will be defending different weight classes using the criteria explained below. Keep checking this page to see which division comes out ahead, and what the total scores are for each.

The Criteria

In order to do this, we’re going to need a standard set of measurements to give an evaluation of each weight category. As such, each division will be judged on each of the following criteria:

  • Excitement: How many knockout artists reside in the division? Are the fights entertaining? Are there any interesting rivalries?

Points: 0-5                         

  • Star Power: Are there any big names in the division? How much hype and publicity surrounds it? Could any of the division’s fighters be classed as celebrities?

Points: 0-5

  • Depth: What is the quality of the division’s best fighters? How many top class fighters does the division retain, and how deep is the pool of contenders?

Points: 0-5

  • Influence & Potential: Are there big fights happening down the line? Are there any good young prospects on the rise? What impact does the division, its fighters and fights have in the broader scheme? Does it get the world talking?

Points: 0-5

Points: 3 per fighter in the top 5 pound for pound, 2 per top in the top 10, 1 per fighter in the top 20

With the five criteria outlined above, each division will be given a total score, and the division with the highest total will be declared the best division in the sport, period.

We hope you enjoy the series, and we want to hear your own thoughts as well. So please feel free to chime in with some comments and get the debate going!