Boxing betting: Upset alert & big opportunties with Donaire, Canelo, Chavez Jr & more

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The boxing calendar has been a bit stagnant over the past few weeks, but not to worry. Come September, there’s a slew of great fights on the docket. That’s great not only for any fan who wants to sit back, watch and relax during the big fights, but also for those who want to get in on the action a bit as well. In fact, there are some very intriguing opportunities and potential upset alerts that you’ll want to take a look at if you’re paying attention to the latest boxing betting odds and lines.

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Donaire vs. Nishioka

Nonito Donaire is the favorite to win this fight, and rightfully so. However, Nishioka is being overlooked in many circles because many fans simply don’t know much about him, having only seen him fight on one or two occasions. Nishioka is the real deal, and if he’s not too shopworn, then could present major challenges for Donaire. Depending on how the odds shake out, you may want to pounce on the upset special here.

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Canelo vs. Lopez

It’s no surprise that Canelo is the huge favorite in this fight, and we all know that Josesito Lopez is the master upset specialist. Betting on him here is certainly a long shot, if for nothing else, due to the size and power discrepancies that will come into play as Lopez moves up in weight yet again. However, pay attention to the final odds, and also the over/under for the length of the bout, as this one could be a slug fest resulting in a shocking KO.

Chavez Jr. vs. Martinez

No matter how you think this fight is going to play out, it’s a great contest, and an exciting clash of styles. How will these two hold up to one another’s shots? If Chavez can shake off Maravilla’s, he’ll be able to walk in and load up with his own attack. If Martinez can take the best punches that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. can dish out, than he has little else to bank on. One potential aspect to think about in terms of betting odds: taking Martinez to score the knockout win, or taking the under side of the over/under.

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Bailey vs. Alexander

Randall Bailey is called the KO King for a reason. You can be outboxing and outfighting him all night, but if you let up and get caught for just one moment, it’s lights out and you’re done. Alexander better be ready to bring it for a full 12 rounds. Taking a double-flyer on Bailey pulling the upset or scoring the KO, and the under of the over/under, would pay off huge if the late career resurgence continues for Bailey. It’s a risk to be sure, as Alexander could just as easily cruise to a decision win, but of course, any big payout needs a big risk.

Ward vs. Dawson

Andre Ward is a big favorite against Chad Dawson, and not without reason of course. However, Dawson presents something that S.O.G. has never faced before, and he’ll come into the ring with a size and weight advantage. Dawson has gotten past the test of Bernard Hopkins, which is great preparation for facing somebody like Ward. While I like Ward to win the fight, the juicy upset odds on Dawson are very intriguing. Of course, one way or the other, you’ll want to take the over on this fight.

As you can see, lots of intriguing options here, and this is only the start. So be sure to sign up for Bovada and get your $250 of free money today.

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  1. Hey Jake, nice summary of coming fights. They are all interesting fights fans would like to watch. All are good matches, big risk for all of them except Canelo. It seems he’s a fan of Floyd, determine to keep his Zero loss record, by selecting small and underdog opponent and avoiding other potential good match ups including his mandatory challengers. Lopez had just move up in weight, now Canelo made him move up again so he could fight him. Golden Boy should have protected Lopez at this point instead of offering him a big payday he could not resist. Some promoters really keep different fighters to groom them, others are just fodder for their favorites. Really money speaks and roots of all evils in boxing. Why not fight Martinez or say Martiryosan?

    How I wish and will pray Lopez will win in a big big UPSET.

    One thing Jake, you forget to include the dates and venues of each fights. Fans had read these all about, but for sure we don’t remember each dates and venues. Other fans and readers who don’t frequently read most boxing news will be more upset.

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