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JuanMa vs. Salido Photos

When Juan Manuel Lopez met Orlando Salido in the spring of 2011, it was supposed to be yet another title defense for JuanMa, who entered the fight as a massive favorite. Of course, Salido didn’t care about any of that, and he took the fight to JuanMa, and eventually scored an emphatic KO win when the referee called off the affair with an injured Lopez lingering against the ropes and taking shots. See all of the action playing out right here with our huge collection of JuanMa vs. Salido pictures, including fight photos, pictures from the weigh-in, press conferences and training camps, and much more.

As mentioned, Salido beating JuanMa was a massive upset, one of the many big game changers in the start of 2011. Seeing the pictures from the fight will help you get an inside look at how it all played out. The confident Lopez finally had his weaknesses catch up to him, and Salido wouldn’t take no for an answer or follow the script.

So enjoy our huge photo collection from Lopez vs. Salido, with more pictures in one place from the event than you’ll find anywhere else!