Bradley vs. Marquez silences doubts about both… or does it?

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

What to Make of the Bradley vs. Marquez Results & Their Current Standings:

Going into this past Saturday’s showdown between welterweight rulers Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez, both men had question marks hanging around their necks. As our own Scott Levinson ably described, Timothy Bradley has been sliding in recent years, even though his record still bore its “0.”

As for Marquez, most fans lost sight of the question mark dangling from his neck. This is because Marquez finally defeated his bitter rival Manny Pacquiao in their fourth outing, thereby winning the sole decisive victory in their four-fight series.

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Credit: Chris Farina – Top Rank

Yet some observers never lost sight of how much damage Pacquiao was scoring on Marquez in the last five minutes of that bout, and until Marquez landed his hammer blow, it looked like Dinamita, and not Pacman, would go down. Furthermore, with Marquez finally achieving his career-defining win, some wondered if the Mexican Boxing King’s fire wouldn’t finally sputter out.

Ostensibly, the razor-close decision in favor of Bradley should eliminate all doubts about whether the pair might not belong among boxing’s elite. Bradley boxed his stick-and-move stratagem with great precision, giving his best performance in years.

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Marquez might have lost, but let’s not forget Dinamita is primarily a counter-punching artillerist. By working a mobile and rangy game, Bradley forced the counter-puncher to come find him. Despite fighting out of his element, a 40-year-old Marquez managed to stretch a world class boxer to the limit.

The Compubox numbers bear that out, as Marquez landed almost as many punches as Bradley, while throwing more than a 100 fewer overall. Bradley was busier, but Marquez was more accurate and more damaging.

That is the conventional wisdom, anyway. I still think the question marks are there, because I don’t think a close split decision between two men who might be on the slide can really answer the question of whether they are slipping or not. Either or both might go to their next fight against a younger, hungrier fighter and get blown out of the water.

In my mind, Bradley vs. Marquez was an entertaining chess match between two talented, world class welterweights… but it said nothing about where either man stands as of today.

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  1. marquez if very disrespectful to those who conquered him. he’s a sore loser. go ahead and retire you foul mouthed a#$hol%

    • Kojie, Marquez will not retire. What he’ll do next is he’ll bugger Bradley non-stop for a second fight like what he did to Pacquiao. He’ll campaign on talk shows citing he was robbed. This whiner has a penchant for dramaturgy. And when he gets a contract for a return bout with Bradley, he might just employ Heredia again.

    • when the fight is close the losing boxer has no right to say he was robbed. Pacquiao lost to Bradley inspite of dominating him from start to end and yet Pacquiao did not display the shameless behavior that Marquez showed to the world every time he loses by close decision. He wanted to see his fights his own way. Was he playing blind, deaf and dumb when his first bout with Pacquiao was decided a draw when in fact one of the judges admitted he wrongly computed his score favoring Marquez. I think it was wrong not to reverse the decision and declare Pacquiao the winner because the mistake of that stupid judge was not a judgement call but a mere recomputing the scores he made from first round to the last.

      • MICHAEL BUFFER: Now let us go to the scorecards. Ladies and gentlemen the WHINER is once again Juan Manuel Marquez!!!!!

  2. its a boring fight. what makes their fights interesting is the style of their opponents like Pacquiao.You can imgine if Pacquiao fights like Marquez, Bradley and Mayweather, this will be a boring sports of boxing. His style is the reason why Pacquiao was able to single handedly gave life to boxing after the great boxers mostly in the heavyweight division retired. His achievements are the reasons why Mayweather came out of his retirement and fans were forgetting there was an undefeated welterweight champ who chose to be inactive to avoid facing those who have what it takes to whack his butt. Yes he came back but only to cherry pick opponents, cheat his foe via weight issues, KO another opponent with a sucker punch. But what was most glaring was his evasion of Pacquiao. He used all kinds of alibi just to avoid the Pacman including intentionally putting himself in jail. U Not only this, he waited and was successful with his ploy of letting other boxers to rob pacquiao with a win while another one who was on the verge of being KO’d found a very very lucky punch. All evidences were pointing to a lucky punch indeed. It was made 2:59 sec of the round and that puch was not a set up by other punches.

  3. Mr. Thomas, the only doubts that are silenced are the eye-brow raising considerations if Marquez is the most irritating cry-baby-fighter who claimed “he was robbed six times, including the clear defeat he suffered from Bradley. Now it’s unofficially official that he is such.

    I wish he’d retire, this old whiner who disgraces himself with his puke-inducing redux of “I got robbed” drama. The boxing world doesn’t need him.

    • I have this great idea that should make Marquez not a whiner anymore if he loses again. Why doesn’t the boxing commission assemble an all-Mexican judges in Mr. Marquez next fight. I suggest putting in the panel of judges the following Mexicans: Nacho Berestain, Mr. Heredia and Marquez,s promoter. What do you think guys? The fight should also be held in Mexico as Marquez hates LV because he believes that the only way for him to win there is by KO. Is he forgetting that he earns his living in LV by paying him his biggest prizes? Talking of ingrates.

  4. Pactards are Racists

    Of the two men with wins over Manny Pacquiao, you can tell who the Pactards hate most here. Not Bradley, who won a robbery, but Marquez, who KNOCKED PACQUIAO THE F*CK OUT!

    God how they hate him for that. Look at this Pactarded sh*te! He loses a close decision and complains about how he never gets the nod on close decisions (totally justifiable), and all the idiots on the internet come out of the woodwork to slam him for it.

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