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Canelo Alvarez vs. Alfredo Angulo results & round by round updates

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

Canelo vs. Angulo Round by Round Results & PPV Live Blog

On Saturday, March 8th, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez takes on Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo, in the headline event of a stacked Showtime pay-per-view. Right here is your place to be for live updates of the entire card, including live Canelo vs. Angulo results and round by round action, and ongoing coverage of the entire undercard as well.

Will Canelo have a triumphant return to the ring, or will Angulo wear him down in their “Toe to Toe” showdown? Find out here!

Canelo vs. Angulo Scorecard

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Alfredo Angulo999999999

Canelo vs. Angulo Round by Round Results

Rd 1: Canelo comes out winging bombs from the start. Catches Angulo off guard with the big power shots right at the bell. Angulo meanwhile working behind his jab. Canelo goes to the body. Angulo just crawling slow in comparison. Canelo really pouring it on. Angulo either isn’t warmed up or isn’t prepared for this kind of fight. Canelo having his way and appears to be on a mission. Angulo finally starts answering close to the bell but all Canelo here.

Rd 2: Canelo comes out storming again. Angulo now looking to answer to the body. Throwing big body shots with both hands, but they’re not all getting home. Angulo just really doesn’t even seem in the fight. He’s throwing back but Canelo is throwing with authority, and doing far more damage while dictating the action.

Rd 3: Canelo laying into Angulo and just throwing big bombs. All Alvarez right now. Angulo takes ’em and looks to come forward, but accumulation starting to add up as well. He’s getting lit up right now. He’s still in the pocket but seems on unsteady legs and throwing even slower than before.

Rd 4: Angulo’s shots really just don’t seem to have anything there. Canelo still attacking but slowing down compared to the first three rounds. Angulo finally picking things up a bit. Still Canelo’s round by Angulo making himself a factor after being dominated.

Rd 5: Angulo continuing to finally work himself into this fight. But Canelo showcasing his superior speed, he’s throwing and landing first and moving around the ring. But he’s slowing down and Angulo is picking up steam and looking to come forward. By the end of the round, Canelo looks pretty tired and Angulo looks far fresher.

Rd 6: Angulo gets Canelo on the ropes and starts winging bombs. But Canelo is landing more effective shots from the position, picking spots for hooks and body punches. Angulo’s eyes starting to bloody and swell. Angulo doing better at trying to get off first. But Canelo almost seems like he’s resting, he’s not too concerned. He’s circling around now and definitely tired, Angulo has some opportunities, but he’s still in control.

Rd 7: Canelo has regained his wind a little bit and throwing more shots with emphasis again. Angulo basically chasing right now. He’s not cutting off the ring and so he’s not getting great chances to land big punches. Canelo biding his time, doing some circling, throwing first. Just a class above Angulo.

Rd 8: Angulo more aggressive in the 8th. Coming on strong. Canelo on the ropes but doing a good job avoiding incoming fire. Angulo storming forward and starting to throw punches in bunches, the crowd erupts as the action picks up, but Canelo is still doing a good job of avoiding damage.

Rd 9: Obviously Angulo needs a knockout to win. Even in rounds where he has been doing better, he still hasn’t actually won any of them. He knows that and he’s throwing punches with bad intentions. Canelo landing crisp jabs and 1-2s though, right down the middle. Angulo too slow. Canelo lands a lead hook and another. Landing at will. Uppercut for Canelo. That one took some steam from Angulo.

Rd 10: After the fight continuing along the same lines for about a minute, Canelo connects with a huge left uppercut. Tony Weeks jumps right in and stops the fight. Nothing really happened right in that moment to signal a stoppage. However, he had taken a ton of punishment and hadn’t won a round. Can’t really argue with protecting the fighter there, but the stoppage came at a bit of an awkward time.

The crowd is booing, but it’s not as if the fight was so exciting to begin with. It was a one-sided shutout from Canelo, and Angulo took a ton of punishment.

Canelo wins via 10th round TKO

Undercard Results

Leo Santa Cruz vs. Cristian Mijares

Round 1 begins slowly with Mijares looking to establish his movement and Santa Cru  walking in and gauging his distance and timing. Santa Cruz is active though, and just so much larger and fresher. This is going to be very tough for Mijares.

Mijares doing his best to work in some wily tricks and make things difficult, but he’s just out-gunned here. Santa Cruz keeping his work rate up, walking right in, and landing big shots. He hasn’t seen much to be deterred, but Mijares has landed a few noteworthy counters along the way.

Bad head butt in the start of Round 4 opens up a cut over the eye of Santa Cruz. Not slowing him down any. In fact, he’s turning up the activity even more. Hurts Mijares to the body with a big shot.

Fight settling into a rhythm here. Mijares can’t get anything done. Santa Cruz slowly breaking him down. Hurts him bad in Round 6, but doesn’t force the issue.

If there’s been a lack of updates, it’s not due to user error… it’s because the fight has continued at its pattern and even slowed down further and closer to a crawl. This fight has been a dude. Santa Cruz in complete control, but isn’t landing much real punishment, while Mijares just can’t get anything done and is just hanging in there and taking shots and circling.

Very one-sided match, and Santa Cruz likely wins every round. The bottom line is that Leo Santa Cruz may very well be one of the brightest young stars in the sport. But he’s also been given the longest rope in terms of never having tough fights. Put somebody in there against him who is actually a challenge! He’s had one of the softer schedules of any top-level fighter for a period of years.

Official scorecards: 119-109, 120-108, 120-108

Jorge Linares vs. Nihito Arakawa

Jorge Linares starts the fight off very strongly in the first several stanzas. He’s using his technical offense and power punching to keep Arakawa from charging in. Arakawa is certainly being more purposeful and paced than he was in his epic fight against Omar Figueroa last year, but he needs to find a way to initiate more effective offense and get off first. Otherwise, Linares is just going to continue to pick him apart and win rounds.

Arakawa beginning to turn up the heat and work rate a little bit more in rounds 4 and 5. But Linares still staying strong and behind his technical approach. There are some signs that he’s getting a bit tired though, while Arakawa is just warming up.

There are periods of intense exchanges and bursts of action which are generally initiated by Arakawa, but otherwise the fight has maintained a fairly normal pace and routine. You’d like to see Linares establish himself a bit more firmly, but at this point it seems like he’s just making sure he doesn’t get out of his depth and he maintains his edge.

A head butt turns into a bad cut over the eye of Linares in round 8. Meanwhile, Arakawa is continuing to turn things up. And while Linares doesn’t seem to love the action, Arakawa doesn’t have the big one-shot power that seems capable of turning things around quickly. In only a 10 round fight, it looks like Linares will be able to make it through, but we’ll see.

Each man looks to close the show strongly. Linares gets in some good combinations as Arakawa looks to bull forward on his way inside and throw punches in bunches, and hope to land something big.

Both guys showing the damage on their faces.

Official scorecards: 98-92, 100-90, 100-90 for Linares.

Ricardo Alvarez vs. Sergio Thompson

Ricardo Alvarez and Sergio Thompson engaged in an exciting back and forth battle from the start. Thompson came out slugging right away, and had Alvarez hurt on several occasions through the opening rounds. He was credited with a knockdown after Alvarez was kept up via the ropes, but Alvarez was never sent down to the canvas.

In the mid rounds, Alvarez started using his jab and boxing skills more and began picking Thompson apart a bit. However, he would either get cocky or would have a lapse in his focus and end up getting tagged back in return.  As such, Yeyo Thompson continues winning the majority of the rounds.

At the start of 8th, Alvarez was sent down hard from a right hand. No denying or questioning this one, Alvarez was hurt badly and smacked to the canvas. Thompson was unable to capitalize on that though over the duration of the round.

Some controversy brewing in the 10th as Alvarez hits Thompson on the break. Thompson goes down and complains and the referee almost calls the fight on a stoppage as a result. Would have been a disaster as it has appeared that Thompson won handily.

Official scorecards:  95-93, 95-93, 97-91, for Sergio Thompson

Be sure to check back with us later in the weekend for full post-fight aftermath, analysis, ranking updates and more, and thanks for stopping by for our round by round coverage of the Showtime pay-per-view headlined by Canelo Alvarez vs. Alfredo Angulo!