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Canelo vs Golovkin Rematch likely for May

Canelo vs Golovkin
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Canelo vs Golovkin is likely to be agreed in the coming days, according to the LA Times, with May 2018 being the possible month for the fight.

Reports suggest that both camps will make the announcement in the next few days, with no third fight as part of the agreement.

Whilst speaking to the LA Times, Goldenboy promotions President, Eric Gomez said, “It’s going to be another great fight, so it’ll likely be a natural to do another rematch, but it’s not in the agreement.”

“We want to concentrate on getting this (second Alvarez-Golovkin fight) done and then we can talk about a third fight later.”

GGG and Canelo fought in Las Vegas in September, where both fighters gave a good showing, only for the match to end in a controversial draw, thanks to one of the judges, Adelaide Byrd.

Don Trella, scored the fight at 114-114 and Dave Moretti, scored the fight in favour of Golovkin with 115-113. Adelaide Byrd scored the fight in favour of Canelo, scoring 118-110.

Many believe this to be a bad call as most saw GGG winning, though it being a close affair.

“I saw computer, all total punches, I saw people’s reaction,” said Golovkin, who landed 218 punches to his opponent’s 169. “It’s terrible, for me it’s terrible. This is not correct, this is very bad for the sport”.

Alvarez though, had a completely different view on the fight. “I wasn’t taking points round-by-round but what I am sure of at the end of the fight was that I won. I have no doubt in my mind, I won the fight.”

Oscar De La Hoya also agreed with Canelo.

“These guys fought their heart out,” he said. “Gennady is a tremendous, tremendous champion and Canelo’s a tremendous, tremendous champion. Everybody has their opinion but that’s what made it such a great, great fight.

“The 118-110, I don’t understand, I really don’t. Byrd is a very competent judge but I just don’t understand 118-110. I had Canelo winning seven-five. 118-110 is a shocker.”

A rematch will hopefully put to rest the controversy from last time out.

Stay tuned for news on the official date of the fight!