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David Haye and Dereck Chisora brawl – videos, recap & more

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Chisora Arrested After Haye vs. Chisora Brawl at Post-Fight Presser

After Vitali Klitschko defended his title against Dereck Chisora in a spirited, exciting contest, the action continued at the post-fight press conference. There, David Haye was on hand to stir things up and angle for a fight against Vitali, but instead, he got more than he bargained for that very night with Del Boy Chisora. Haye and Chisora brawled at the press conference, resulting in Chisora being arrested, while Haye managed to skate away and was never brought in by police.

Haye & Chisora Brawl Video

For some more coverage on the actual affairs of the WBC heavyweight title fight, you can view a collection of Klitschko vs. Chisora pictures right here, as well as a few photos of the bloody aftermath of the brawl itself:

The David Haye vs. Dereck Chisora Brawl

The Chisora vs. Haye brawl was an ugly scene to say the least. It capped off a controversial week for Chisora where he slapped Klitschko at their weigh-ins, and then spit water in Wladimir Klitschko’s face in the ring after the fight. It all sullies his performance in the ring, which was respectable on its own merits, but now will be overshadowed by all of this controversy and chaos.

Apparently, Haye was causing a scene at the post-fight presser while trying to land a fight with Vitali. He was basically told to screw off by Klitschko’s team, who said that at least Chisora showed heart and gave a real effort, unlike he did, so he can say goodbye to any fight with one of the brothers again.

Then Chisora and his team started to get involved, and Haye was talking trash to them as well. Chisora was also telling Haye he was a punk, and asking him how his toe was, while Haye was reminding Chisora how he has lost three fights in a row.

Chisora dared Haye to say something to his face, as he walked off the stage to confront him. The two got up in one another’s face and both threw, and landed, punches. Haye’s manager Adam Booth ended up with a bloody face, apparently from a bottle or glass, as Chisora was also heard to threaten to shoot and burn Haye. Haye also swung a camera tripod at Chisora’s manager, as the fighters and their entourages got involved.

Not exactly a glamorous end to the night for anybody who was involved in this mess. The Chisora vs. Haye brawl at the post-fight presser will be remembered as a bad scene for quite some time to come. Hopefully they settle it in the ring against one another, as opposed to backing up their violent threats outside the squared circle.