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Dawson vs. Johnson & Angulo vs. Yorgey Recap from Ringside

Full Dawson vs. Johnson and Angulo vs. Yorgey Event Analysis

ProBoxing-Fans.com was on hand to take in the Dawson vs. Johnson event live. Here’s how everything looked from ringside. For the full round by round scoring of Dawson vs. Johnson, you can take a look at our Dawson vs. Johnson results page.

Dawson vs. Johnson Full Event Recap

No surprises here.  Yorgey got outgunned by a man with heavier artillery and Dawson countered his way to an uninspiring UD.  Coming into the fights most people’s money would have bet on these exact outcomes and they would’ve been correct.  I was there Live.  Here’s what I saw.

Angulo vs. Yorgey Recap from Ringside

In the opening round it appeared that Yorgey, normally a brawler type would try and box Angulo, realizing that you don’t want to slug with a slugger and Angulo is one of the best in the business in that department.  Yorgey worked his jab and was able to keep Angulo off him for the most part.  In the second round the saying “you are who you are” became reality.  Angulo was able to land a major shot which wobbled Yorgey, and the brawl was on.  Yorgey, feeling the heat started throwing back, trying to land some type of power shot that could back Angulo up.  He was unsuccessful as Angulo’s power shots proved more accurate.

Yorgey went down in the second from a big shot, he was able to get up but spent the rest of the round on very shaky legs.   Either the referee or Yorgey’s corner could have reasonably stopped the fight.  Entering the 3rd round, Angulo can smell blood in the water.  It is clear as day that Yorgey is still reeling from the beating he took in the last round and Yorgey’s desperation would lead to his downfall.  Much the same as in the 2nd round, Yorgey is only looking for a big shot, not worrying about defending himself.  This gives Angulo the opening that he needs to land a monster right hand that knocks Yorgey out cold.

The difference between the fighters is clear.  While both guys like to slug, one man’s punches not only have power but they’re very accurate.  A predictable ending?  Yes.  Any less thrilling of a fight because of that?  Not at all.

Dawson vs. Johnson Recap from Ringside

First off, it would be generous of me to say that the XL Center in Hartford Connecticut,  Dawson’s home state, was half full.  It says a lot about Dawson’s drawing power when you can’t even sell out the loge seating in your backyard, on national television.  It also says a lot about Dawson’s fighting style.  Boxing fans would prove intelligent on this night.
Dawson vs. Johnson Results & Recap
The opening round set the table for what would be 12 vanilla rounds of boxing.  It was evident early that Johnson would be the aggressor on this night, constantly chasing Dawson around trying to land his jab.  Dawson meanwhile spent the early part of the fight on his heels, countering when he felt necessary and winning rounds by closing strong in the last 30 seconds.  While Johnson was the fighter trying to press the action, he was landing nothing in the way of meaningful shots.  Dawson on the other hand would put together one or two 4-punch combinations which would send Johnson back on his heels and receive “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd.  I gave 5 of the first 6 rounds to Dawson for this reason.

Heading into the second half of the fight, the crowd began to grow weary of the lack of activity from both fighters. Chants of “Daw-son! Daw-son!” would arise from the crowd once in awhile, trying to get their hometown fighter to let his hands go. But once it became apparent that this was not Dawson’s plan and you got the feeling that the crowd would not have been against Johnson landing a big shot either.  They just wanted to see some action.  They’re prayers would not be answered on this night.

Dawson was content to spend the second half of the fight doing much of the same as he did in the first half, countering when necessary and throwing a combination or two when the crowd started to boo.  Johnson would prove more effective in the second half of the fight, his jab started to land more frequently with Dawson seeming to tire late.  I gave the 11th and 12th rounds to Johnson as he was the fresher fighter of the two.  Dawson seemed content to coast to the finish line.  My final was score was 115-113 Dawson which would match two of the judges’ scorecards. The third, a wide margin of 117-112, was also in favor of the hometown kid.

Photo Credit: Richard A. Esposito

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