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Dennis McCann Bemoans Bottle of Fellow British Bantams

Dennis 'The Menace' McCann blasts his fellow Bantamweights as up to 15 foes turned down the chance to face McCann.

Dennis McCann is one of the hottest prospects in the UK Credit: Frank Warren
Dennis McCann is one of the hottest prospects in the UK Credit: Frank Warren

Bantamweight prodigy Dennis ‘The Menace’ McCann has bemoaned the lack of fighting spirit amongst his fellow British Bantamweights, saying “They don’t want it, do they?”

At a press conference earlier this week, Hall-of-Fame promoter Frank Warren referred to McCann as one of the “best young talents” that he’d seen in “many, many years”  and said that Dennis had “the potential to be one of the outstanding British fighters of his generation.”

That message has clearly resonated with the British Bantamweight division as, according to McCann, not one of them was in a hurry to take the fight.

“We went down through the whole of BoxRec and we said ‘we’ll get him’ and we’d ring them up and it was no good,” he said. “Literally, we went through fifteen opponents with good records. All good kids… fought for good titles and they all turned it down.”

“Every single one of them.”

McCann is only six fights into his young career, but with four decisive finishes to his name has already earned comparisons to the great Prince Naseem Hamed.

Similar to Naz, who Warren also guided to the top of the boxing world, the young man from Kent’s confidence knows no bounds. However, he has insisted that he is “not the next Naz” and that he is “the first Dennis McCann.”

With that confidence, plus an abundance of scintillating speed and crushing power, this Maidstone mauler is considered by many to be a future world champion at his weight class.

But for Dennis? That’s simply not enough.

“I want a couple of world titles at a couple of weights, then I’ll be happy. When I’m training I picture those titles in my head.

“I left school at ten years of age… I knew I was destined to box.”

McCann boasts a boxing intellect that is mature beyond his years and is fully aware that promoter Frank Warren houses British and Commonwealth Champion within his Queensberry stable.

With his limitless ambition, it would only make sense that Dennis already has at least one eye on Foster’s titles.

Whilst he is respectful of Brad’s ability, ‘The Menace’ is clear that a future bout is a very real possibility.

“Brad Foster boxed very well last time and is getting better and better every fight. He’s really improved. It’s nice to see.

“That could definitely be a potential match-up down the line.”

Before that though, Dennis must take care of business live on BT Sport this Saturday night where his opponent will be tough, battle-hardened veteran Brett Fidoe.

In over 80 professional bouts Fidoe has only been stopped once, in 2016 against Andrew Selby, and has been christened by Steve Bunce as “the best journeyman in Britain.”

As tough a test as it might prove to be, Dennis sees only one outcome now that someone finally agreed to fight him.

“I cannot wait… I’ll steal the show as usual”