Home News Floyd Mayweather to fans: Who should I fight, Khan or Maidana?

Floyd Mayweather to fans: Who should I fight, Khan or Maidana?

Floyd Mayweather’s Next Fight & Opponent Decided By Fans?

Floyd Mayweather still isn’t sure who he’s going to fight next. And with three months left until his annual Cinco de Mayo weekend engagement, there’s not a whole lot of time left to sort it out. So, he’s asking the fans for assistance. He posted a message on Facebook with a photo of Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana, and said:

“I’m going to let the fans vote. Tell me who I should fight next. Khan or Maidana?”

Update: Mayweather is now hosting an official fan vote at the Mayweather Promotions website, MayweatherPromotions.com. You can go there and log your vote.

(Also pictured here is a message from Mayweather denying the rumors of his $10.4 million Super Bowl bet. He says he didn’t bet on the game, and if he did bet, it would have been on the Seattle Seahawks. Easy to say, of course, but who knows what actually happened. It was always unlikely though that the rumor was false — Mayweather only publicly acknowledges his betting successes after the fact.)

Now, whether or not Mayweather actually listens to the fans is another matter entirely. Hopefully though, he sees that nobody in their right minds should be clamoring for a fight against Amir Khan.

Khan has done absolutely nothing to deserve the bout. And even though Khan owns a heads-up victory over Maidana, it’s Maidana who is the hotter fighter now. Coming off the win over Adrien Broner, he’s ranked #5 in the welterweight division, and his power and aggression makes him a much more legitimate threat. Mayweather would also get to show the world just how vast the difference in ability is between himself and Broner.

Mayweather’s post quickly went viral, being shared about 4,500 times overnight. Clearly, there’s a lot of interest in Mayweather’s choice and who his next opponent will be.

So what do you say fans? Who should Floyd Mayweather’s fight next? Khan or Maidana, or somebody else?