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Floyd Mayweather vs. Nelly vs. 50 Cent vs. who cares: Why we’re not talking about it

Why aren’t you talking about Floyd Mayweather’s beef with Nelly? You are way behind on the latest Mayweather and T.I. drama! Where’s the update on the last TMZ post about Mayweather getting together with that other dude’s ex-wife?

Lately, we’ve been inundated with messages like these. A chorus of people chiming in to tell us how we’re falling behind, we’re not doing our jobs, we’re not providing the latest news.

But I have a secret to tell you. This isn’t news. It’s especially not boxing news. And ProBoxing-Fans.com is a site dedicated to boxing news. It’s that simple.

This sordid saga we’re talking about… it’s celebrity gossip. And it’s fueled by the very people who are feigning anger that it’s being exposed. It’s about attention, it’s about spotlight, and it’s all ridiculous.

As if anyone actually gave any credence to the awfulness that is much of the ESPN family’s daytime television — hey, the positive of the Steven A. Smith fiasco is that it hopefully shows the trickle of viewers remaining how truly awful the programming they’re watching is — what exactly are we doing when Nelly is a guest on a sports talk show, discussing partying with naked women while filming a rap video, and then “dissing” Floyd Mayweather for not finishing high school?

Be in shock, friends, as the talking heads egg him on, laugh at themselves, and egg him on further. “Wow, did he really just say what we asked him if he would be willing to say off-camera, live on television, and then Tweet about it? Amazing stuff! This counts as sports, rights?”

Listen, I cannot promise there are never stories on this site which don’t veer into the realm of “celebrity”. We’ve talked about Mayweather and 50 Cent. Although we tried to make it about issues relating to boxing promotion and management. We’ve talked about Mayweather and gambling. Because, well, anytime an athlete is wagering significant amounts of money that’s legitimate sports news. And the story of the cashed-out boxer is too ingrained into the culture of the Sweet Science to ignore or overlook. We make jokes, and we create memes. Because poking fun and acknowledging that it’s a joke is a far different game than pretending it was “news”.

However, mission objective here is to keep as much of our discussion as possible boxing-centric.

So, to set the record straight — yes, we here at ProBoxing-Fans.com have very much been in “the know” when it comes to the latest asinine sagas of Mayweather, 50 Cent, Nelly, T.I., their assorted girlfriends, wives and ex-wives, and whomever else. We’re not “dropping the ball” by not talking about it. We’re punting the ball away, because we want nothing to do it.