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Froch vs. Dirrell Preview & Prediction

Froch Dirrell is the opening bout of the Super Six Tournament

The Showtime Super Six Tournament opens on October 17th with two highly anticipated fights between four highly decorated fighters.  They feature Jermain Taylor vs. Arthur Abraham and the match I will preview here: Carl Froch vs. Andre Dirrell.

Froch vs. Dirrell Preview:

Froch vs. Dirrell brings a whole lot to the table for fight fans.  You’ve got two undefeated fighters, from opposite sides of the Atlantic, whose styles couldn’t contrast any more even if you wanted them to.  In one corner you’ve got undefeated Carl Froch of the UK, known for his big-time power, his sturdy chin as well as his love for running his mouth.  In the other corner, you’ve got undefeated American hopeful Andre Dirrell who possesses blazing hand speed, precise footwork and likes to talk a little himself. Did I mention they both love to talk trash?  The war of words has been intense, as per usual when it comes to these two.

The 20 million dollar question, or in this case, questions, are:

  1. How will Froch be able to deal with Dirrell’s speed?
  2. How will Dirrell be able to deal with Froch’s power?

Well, we’re going to find out the answer to both of these questions coming October 17th.  Only one fighter is going to like answers.  Either way, this fight has all the makings of a FOTY candidate.


After toiling in obscurity for years, fighting less than stellar competition, Carl Froch busted onto the scene after a 12 round slugfest with current light-heavyweight titlist Jean Pascal, in what many thought should have been fight of the year.  Froch was able to win enough late rounds to win the decision. He followed up that performance with a win over fellow tournament contender Jermain Taylor.  Froch was losing that fight until Taylor wore down late. Froch capitalized and was able to stop Taylor with just 20 seconds remaining.  In another FOTY candidate, if Taylor had escaped that final round, he would have won.

Dirrell’s resume?  Well, there really isn’t much of one.  Dirrell is young and relatively untested.  Wins over Victor Oganov and Mike Paschall are probably his best, yet they are nothing to write home about. Froch will be a huge step up in competition for Dirrell and it will be very interesting to see if the 27 year old skipped up a couple steps too quickly.

Advantage: FROCH


Froch’s power is very impressive, probably the best of any fighter in the tournament.  Froch’s only fight to go the distance since 2005 was the brutal battle with Pascal.  People are still wondering how that one went the full twelve.  Froch goes into fights looking for the knockout and won’t quit until he gets it.  Dirrell has racked up thirteen KO’s in eighteen fights including six straight going into this fight.  People shouldn’t sleep on Dirrell’s power but it should also be taken into consideration who these KO’s were against.  Plus, Dirrell’s not looking for the KO in this fight.  That would be a recipe for disaster.

Advantage: FROCH


Dirrell’s speed is unmatched in this tournament.  He has some of the quickest hands in the business and puts them to good use.  He’s got great boxing skills and when he combines his skills with his speed it becomes a very difficult problem for opposing fighters to counter.  Froch is slow.  There’s really no better way to put it.  He’s got a nice snapping jab when he decides to use it but that’s not often.  Dirrell has already made it known that he plans to make Froch swing and miss all night long.  Dirrell has done it to opponents before.  We’ll see if he can do the same against Froch.

Advantage: DIRRELL


Hypothetically, let’s say a fighter was knocked down in the 3rd round of a fight.  This was the first time in his career, professional or otherwise that he had hit the canvas.  He then gets back up, only to be outboxed and outclassed through 11 full rounds.  He then gets off his stool for the 12th and gets the KO with only 20 seconds to spare when it appeared that all hope was lost.  Would you call that fighter tough?  I would.  Well, go watch Froch vs. Taylor and watch that hypothetical situation become reality.  Froch is a tough SOB, there’s no denying it.  Dirrell could be tough, but who would know?  He hasn’t fought nearly the competition to decide whether he has the toughness to go 12 rounds with Froch.  One thing is fore sure, not many people can.

Advantage: FROCH

Froch vs. Dirrell Prediction:

Carl Froch comes into the fight a slight favorite over Andre Dirrell and I understand why.  Froch has more experience, more power, already owns a title and the fight will take place outside of the U.S..  I picked Taylor to decision Froch based on my belief that Froch can be easily outboxed and outfoxed against a fighter who excels in the speed department.  Unfortunately, fights aren’t eleven rounds or I would have been correct.

History should teach me not to pick against Froch again but I am going to anyway.  Where Taylor failed, I believe that Dirrell can succeed.  Taylor was known for fading late long before the fight with Froch ever came to fruition.  Dirrell has no such association attached to himself.

The way I see it, Dirrell comes out with a lot to prove.  He’ll dance, duck and dodge, getting Froch frustrated early.  Froch’s punches will get wider and wider as Froch’s urgency to get the KO grows.  However, Froch can not just count on his opponent to wilt every time pressure is applied late.  Despite a late push by Froch, Dirrell will rack up enough of the early rounds to cross the finish a decision winner.

DIRRELL UD 115-113

Image Credit: Showtime