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Full episode video: Ward vs. Dawson 24/7


Before checking out this weekend’s huge match between Andre Ward and Chad Dawson, take some time to get to know the fighters a bit better. Right here, you can check out the complete Ward vs. Dawson 24/7 episode video, taking a peek behind the scenes at the fighters, their lives and families, and their thoughts on this upcoming battle. Take a look at the full 24/7 Road to Ward vs. Dawson video.

Both men are extremely confident that they’re going to win this fight, but they also have a lot of mutual respect. They’re going to be giving it their all though, Ward to continue adding to his legacy, and stretch his amazing unbeaten streak, and Dawson to prove the critics wrong and notch the biggest win of his career.

Ward vs. Dawson will be a great one, and the 24/7 Ward vs. Dawson video above is a fun watch, so take a seat and enjoy and keep on checking back with us for more ongoing fight week updates.