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Full fight video: Canelo Alvarez vs. Josesito Lopez

Credit: Tom Casino / Showtime

One of the more dominant showings in the career of Canelo Alvarez was his win over Josesito Lopez. Right here, you can watch the full fight video of Canelo vs. Lopez to take in all of the action once again.

Canelo is prepping for his upcoming fight against Alfredo Angulo right now. Of course, in Angulo, he’ll be facing a fighter who’s actually on a more level playing field in terms of size and strength. Lopez had a ton of heart, but he was really a junior welterweight who was very much out of his depth against Canelo.

He earned the fight by upsetting Victor Ortiz, who had been positioned to face Canelo. But he just wasn’t able to stand up to the power of a much larger man, and a superior fight in Canelo.

Enjoy the Canelo vs. Lopez fight video and keep on checking back with us for more updates on Canelo’s next fight.