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To Amir Khan: OF COURSE you should have taken the Devon Alexander fight

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While Floyd Mayweather and his team have been maintaining their radio silence in regards to Mayweather’s final selection for his May 3rd fight, Amir Khan appears to have come to the realization that he’s the guy on the outside looking in. Khan posted a series of Tweets on Friday night discussing the matter and his disappointment, including sharing the thought that he should have taken the proposed fight with Devon Alexander in December.

Oh, you don’t say?

OF COURSE he should have taken the Alexander fight. In fact, taking and winning that fight was the only way that Khan would have been an even halfway palatable opponent for Mayweather at this stage of his career.

Here’s the full series of Tweets from Khan:

No response from Mayweather or his team. Fights not happening. I should of taken the title fight last December against Alexander…

Very disrespected by his team. Wasted my time

Good luck to Maidana, against mayweather.

Can I apologies to the thousands of people who are let down. You me and everyone wanted the Mayweather fight. He’s running scared.

Khan and his management team have blundered and stumbled their way through this process in embarrassing fashion. They made the mistake of chasing Mayweather in the past, and it’s a mistake which perhaps led to their fighter being unfocused on the task at hand, losing to Lamont Peterson and then getting leveled by Danny Garcia. Then they repeated the same mistake. What’s the saying — Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

Regardless of his personal belief of what he does or does not deserve, here’s where Amir Khan stands: He’s not ranked in the top 10 of any division. He lost two straight fights, including one by crushing knockout, and returned with two subpar performances against two subpar opponents. That’s it.

A win over Alexander would have been exactly what Khan needed to entice Mayweather into making a deal. He’d have a title strap around his waist, a high-profile win against a top fighter and some momentum in his career once again. He also still would have had five months until the Mayweather fight, more than enough time to rest and recover before resuming another rigorous training camp. Instead, he sat on the sidelines, he made a big stink in the media about what he was entitled to, and, it seems, he got passed over.

Meanwhile, Maidana was a huge underdog in his December fight against Adrien Broner, he stepped up and scored a landmark victory, and captured the heart and attention of boxing fans across the globe in the process. I’m not saying Maidana is the dream opponent, or even the toughest challenge. But he sure as hell deserves the fight more than Khan does.

Mayweather vs. Khan was a joke from the start. I say good riddance to the idea of it, and only hope that we don’t have to suffer through this nonsense yet again for Mayweather’s next fight.

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