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Hopkins vs. Pascal Betting Odds & Lines

Bet on the Bernard Hopkins vs. Jean Pascal Light Heavyweight Fight:

The Bernard Hopkins vs. Jean Pascal betting odds offer something for everyone. The fight itself is an intriguing clash, the legend making another push for a championship, the upstart and newly crowned champion looking to continue asserting himself. Who will emerge as the victor, and how? Check out the Hopkins vs. Pascal odds and lines available here.

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Hopkins vs. Pascal Odds

  • Pascal -325
  • Hopkins +250


  • 11.5 rounds
  • Over -300
  • Under +240

We’ll start with the over/under, which is just about as wide as a disparity as you’re going to find in the world of boxing betting. Hopkins has been going to all decisions for a seeming eternity, and it’s also hard to fathom Pascal doing enough damage to Hopkins to earn a stoppage, as most people find it impossible to hit the man flush. Therefore, you’ll have to be pretty bold to take the under on the Hopkins vs. Pascal betting lines, but if you won, you’d see a great return.

Onto the actual Hopkins vs. Pascal betting odds, the numbers might seem a little strange to some. Hopkins always gets up the most for his toughest challenges, and Pascal is certainly a fighter with flaws. Against Dawson, he didn’t show great defense and he gassed out, but Dawson couldn’t capitalize on either. If you’re a believer in old B-Hop, the +250 is awesome to take Hopkins to win and pull another rabbit out of his legendary hat.

On the other hand, Pascal is young, powerful, packs a good punch, and has very fast hands. Hopkins has been bothered with athleticism dating back to the two losses to Jermain Taylor, and Pascal could pull off a similar feat if he keeps his head in the game. Certainly the French, the Canadians, and the French-Canadians won’t have any problem betting on Pascal as a -300 favorite!

Certainly some interesting things to keep note of with the Hopkins vs. Pascal betting lines, particularly if you like Bernard as a live dog in the fight, which many do.

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