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Kessler vs. Ward Results

Results from the Mikkel Kessler vs. Andre Ward Super Six Showdown!

The last remaining Group Stage 1 fight in the Super Six Tournament was between Mikkel Kessler and Andre Ward. These two boxers were two of the favorites in the competition. Kessler brought in all of the world-class experience, while Ward brought an undefeated record, and the advantage of fighting in his hometown. How did the Kessler vs. Ward fight turn out? Check out our full, detailed coverage of the fight and the live Kessler vs. Ward results that ProBoxing-Fans.com has provided.

Kessler vs. Ward Results

Kessler vs. Ward Results
The Andre Ward vs. Mikkel Kessler fight is now over, and regardless of who you picked to win the bout, it surely didn’t transpire in the way you expected it. One of the classic adages in boxing is that “speed kills” and it didn’t take more than 10 seconds for that to be realized in the Kessler vs. Ward bout.

Right from the opening bell, an aggressive Andre Ward unleashed his amazingly fast and sharp punches towards Kessler, who never seemed to be able to catch up. The speed clearly bothered him, he couldn’t land his punches on the moving target, he couldn’t get set and he couldn’t react in time to avoid the punches that Ward was throwing.

After the fight, Kessler complained about Ward’s holding and Ward’s head butting. Both of those things factored into the bout for sure. Kessler had cuts opened up on both sides of his face because of head butts, and the holding on the inside certainly impeded Kessler’s offense. However, it would be silly to think that was the deciding factor.

In truth, Kessler simply couldn’t catch up to Andre Ward, who displayed not just fantastic speed but also great focus to maintain his game plan over the curse of the night. Kessler never stopped trying, but after midway in the fight, the cuts started to become worse and Kessler began complaining about not being able to see. After another cut was opened over his right eye, matching wounds after his left eye and under his right eye, the doctor stopped the fight. Because the final cut was ruled to have been caused via head butt, the fight headed to the scorecards.

The final scorecards were 97-93, 98-92 and 98-92 for Andre Ward, who wins via technical decision after the fight was stopped about midway through the 11th round. With that, Andre Ward has to be considered the favorite in the Super Six Tournament. Additionally, let’s not forget that he carries home the WBA super middleweight championship and retains his undefeated record.

For what it’s worth in terms of the Super Six, Andre Ward receives 2 points for his victory. Had the fight been stopped via a cut caused from a punch, Ward would have received the additional point. See our full Super Six Standings and Results page for more information.

Photo Credit: Tom Casino/SHOWTIME