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Martinez vs. Dzinziruk Results

Sergio Martinez vs. Sergiy Dzinziruk Results

The Sergio Martinez vs. Sergiy Dzinziruk bout is actually the higher profile of this weekend’s matches, with each of the two combatants being at the upper reaches of the sport, although it has been in some ways overshadowed by the Cotto vs. Mayorga PPV, partly to Dzinziruk’s lack of recognition. Broadcast on HBO, Martinez vs. Dzinziruk is a middleweight championship bout, and features the number #3 pound for pound fighter in the world in Sergio Martinez. Take a look at the complete Martinez vs. Dzinziruk results below, as well as results for the co-feature match-up of Andy Lee vs. Craig McEwan.

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Martinez vs. Dzinziruk Results

Martinez vs. Dzinziruk finally underway… the first thing you notice is Dzinziruk’s height advantage.

Martinez deploying his usual style… lots of darting in and out, angles and lateral motion. He triples up his jab a few times in the opening round. Dzinziruk looks to stake out the center of the ring and presses slowly but steadily forward. Round to Martinez who landed more and dictated.

Round 2 is all about not only Martinez’s unique style, but his great speed, and his advantage in that department. Is able to land flush shots with the tiniest of openings. Dzinziruk tries to open up more at the end of the round, and seems frustrated by round’s end.

Dzinziruk lands the best shot of the night about 30 seconds into the third, but Martinez gets right back into his groove a few seconds later. Dzinziruk being more aggressive now. He’s throwing more combinations. Backing Martinez up. Dzinziruk’s round.

At the start of round 4 Dzinziruk gets hit by a left hand towards the top and back of the head and his knee drops to the canvas, which is correctly scored as a knockdown despite his arguments and the fact that he wasn’t badly hurt. Dzinziruk puts some decent work in, and inadvertently lands a low blow, leading to a brief pause in the action. 10-8 round for Maravilla thanks to the KD.

Martinez looks strong in the fifth, and in the waning seconds of the round he punctuates a great round by putting Dzinziruk on his butt. Dzinziruk tries to laugh if off, but it was legit as can be, with two 1-2 combos precipitating his trip to the mat.

Martinez really trying to pour it on in the sixth, oozing confidence. Dzinziruk tries to sneak in a low blow. Martinez tees off at will, shuffles around a bit on his toes. There’s some desperation in Dzinziruk’s movement as he continues to fall more and more behind. Dzinziruk lands a few shots to the head as the bell sounds ending the round.

In round 7, Dzinziruk somehow flips a switch and starts getting his jab working. Throwing punches with mean intentions. Martinez could be a little bit overconfident at this point. Martinez finally answers at the bell with two head-snapping jabs. Good Dzinziruk round.

Just when it looks like Dzinziruk could make this a fight, Martinez crushes him with a straight left to the side of the head. He makes it up but is wobbly. Martinez jumps in and sends him right back down. Dzinziruk rights himself, but Martinez goes in for the kill and gets it, placing him down to the canvas and forcing the ref to call it off. Maravilla is Marvelous again in another great win.

Andy Lee vs. Craig McEwan Results

Interestingly, while both men have big name trainers – Emanuel Steward for Lee, and Freddie Roach for McEwan – neither is on hand tonight. Steward is with Cotto in Las Vegas for the Mayorga bout, and Roach is in the Philippines training Manny Pacquiao.

Lee takes immediate control of the bout in Round 1. Lands a few good right hooks. Lee is definitely the thicker, sturdier looking fighter. McEwan times Lee well in the second round with nice counter rights, and controls the last half of the stanza.

McEwan continues with his effective aggression in Round 3. Lee looks to be a bit shaken or caught off guard by McEwan’s attack. Starting to fight more going backwards as a result. McEwan putting in great work in the fourth. Buckles Lee a bit as he comes forward and slugs it out. Lee starting to exchange with him. McEwan really taking Lee out of his element as he has won rounds 2-4.

Lee is loading up on power shots looking for something big, but McEwan is teeing off on him. At the end of the fifth McEwan unleashes a dozen unanswered punches and nearly puts Lee down in the corner. Lee is saved a bit by the bell, and looks shaken, with bruising coming in under his eyes and a bloody nose.

Is Steward’s absence hindering Lee? Or does he just drop off on the big stage? Either way, Round 6 sees more of McEwan dictating the action, landing at will, bouncing around on his toes, coming forward and basically doing as he pleases. By the end of the round though, McEwan begins to look tired, allowing Lee to land a few of his own shots.

Lee likely wins the 7th, his first round since the first. Able to land the harder punches in the period, and begins to find a home once again for his right hook. The two stand and trade in some exciting action in the last 30 seconds. It’s only a 10 round fight, so three more to go…

Andy Lee continues his comeback in round 8, putting his punches together, using his size advantage, landing the harder punches. McEwan is still working hard and landing often and easily, but has lost the steam he had in the early going which had enabled him to dominate for a period. In the ninth, you can see McEwan fighting on all grit and will, winging sloppy arm punches, but steadfastly moving ahead and throwing. Rather suddenly with about 20 seconds left in the ninth Lee lands a straight left and McEwan goes down. He’s just completely gassed, and has lost his legs while becoming easier to hit at the same time. 10th could decide the fight…

Crazy opening 60 seconds of round 10 sees Lee pummel McEwan and referee Steve Smoger come in to wave off the fight before any count, as McEwan lays on the canvas. Amazing period of action as the two traded, but Lee began connecting on McEwan who was entirely zapped of his energy. Great finish and comeback for Lee, but where was this earlier, and what happens he faces a seasoned, top-tier fighter who won’t tire down the stretch? Nonetheless, stirring KO win.


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