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Mayweather Marquez 24-7 Episode 1 Recap

When HBO was putting together ways to promote for the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Oscar De La Hoya fight in May of 2007, they created a sort of build up show. The idea was to take viewers inside both fighters training camps and give them an all access look into their lives before their showdown. It was a smashing success and has become a staple before all big, HBO fights.

In it’s latest installment, they’ll be doing a 4 part series, previewing Floyd Mayweather against Juan Manuel Marquez, in their preparation for a September 19th battle in Las Vegas. ProBoxing-fans.com will be recapping each episode, the day after it airs.

In Part 1, they spent a lot of time showing each fighter’s softer side. With Mayweather, they showed him spending time with his daughter at a roller skating rink and trying to re-establish a relationship with his father, Floyd Sr. whom he’s publically feuded with over the last few years. Along the way they also show little Floyd, giving motivational advice to teenagers, and feeding the homeless.

But just when you think that the 32-year-old Mayweather has turned a corner, maybe humbled a little bit, and even grown up, he reverts back to the type of guy that has made him hated by fans all over. If you’ve seen any of Floyd’s prior 24/7 shows, you know how over-the-top arrogant he is. This time around he brags about his brand new 22,000 square foot mansion and it’s silk walls that he says, is different than most everyone else, because all his stuff “is paid for.”

There have been rumors and reports that he owes the IRS some 6 Million Dollars in back taxes, to which, he adamantly denies.  Add in the fact that his Uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather, is facing assault charges for allegedly choking a female Boxer, who was staying at one of his properties recently, and you’ve got yourself dysfunctional family drama at it’s finest!

With Marquez, the focus was on his poor upbringing and humble beginnings in Mexico. They detailed the dangerous neighborhood in which he grew up. Also his father, being a fighter himself, teaching him and his brothers the sport early on.  They show the tiny apartment he lived in and the room where all 8 children stayed. They detail his training camp at the Romanza gym and as he always does, he goes into how he beat Manny Pacquiao both times they fought (their first fight was a draw and the second Pacquiao won a close split decision).

He has made it a point every time they put a microphone in his face it seems, to say that Manny Pacquiao has ducked him about doing a third fight, that Manny knows who really won, that he was robbed, etc… He also claims that he’s at peace with the Pacquiao situation because both fighters deep down, know that he won both battles… Quick question: If you’re at peace with it, why do you continuously bring it up Juan?

The next episode will no doubt intensify and focus on their training more. This was an introduction to each fighter, their personalities, their different backgrounds, and their common goal.  Early on, you don’t get the sense that these 2 dislike each other. But this is Boxing. This is drama. And this is HBO. Moods and sentiments change very quickly with those ingredients.

Check back in with Pro Boxing Fans for more coverage of the Mayweather Marquez 24/7 series on HBO. We’ll have Mayweather vs. Marquez 24/7 episode recaps the morning after every episode leading up to the big fight.