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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Preview

The Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Floyd Mayweather bout is all set for September 19th.  The two are both in the top 5 pound for pound in the sport, and the bout is an intriguing match. Mayweather has the size advantage, but is also coming off of a long layoff. Here’s a look at the Mayweather vs. Marquez fight and how it all breaks down.

Tale of the Tape

Floyd Mayweather

39 (25) – 0

Height: 5’8″ Reach: 72″

Age: 32

Champion in 5 weight classes, recent wins against Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton

Juan Manuel Marquez

50 (37) – 4 – 1

Height: 5’7″ Reach: 67″

Age: 36

Champion in 3 weight classes, recent wins against Juan Diaz and Joel Casamayor

Normally when you await 2 counter punchers facing off in the ring, the stench of boredom takes away the sweet smell of anticipation.  Thoughts of a fun night with friends and 12 rounds of action are clouded by knowing that more than likely… it’ll be 12 rounds of reaction rather than action. Styles do indeed make fights. As over used in professional fighting as it may be, it’s true!

But what if you get 2 counter punchers who just happen to be first ballot Hall of Famers? What if you were to ask any Boxing expert or fan who knew anything about the sport, whether they were both at the very least, Top 5 pound-for-pound today, and they all said Yes? What if one is the over-the-top, arrogant showman with flash and sizzle, and the other, a stand-and-trade, grizzled warrior, still looking for respect?

Well, I’d probably ask what you and your friends are doing September 19th?

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Floyd Mayweather Preview

When he retired after his impressive 10th round TKO of Ricky Hatton in December 2007, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was universally recognized as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the sport. It’ll have been over 21 months since that “last” bout when he steps in the ring to fight Juan Manuel Marquez. The layoff is the obvious concern. Although always in tip-top shape, “Money” is still human and you’d anticipate at least some ring rust, at least in the early rounds. But you got to give him credit. For a guy with a reputation of dodging potential danger in opponents, he didn’t take any cakewalk, right out of the shoot.

Marquez comes in with his last 2 victories being the most impressive of his career. He became the first man to ever knock out Joel Casamayor and then followed that up with perhaps the Fight of the Year, and a sensational knockout of young stud, Juan Diaz, also the first KO loss of Diaz’s career. Ultimately, he’d like a third fight with Manny Pacquiao, whom he fought to a Draw with, in 2004 and a razor thin split decision loss, almost fours later. But for now, he’ll have to settle for the undefeated, lightning quick Mayweather.

Marquez will most likely be the one to press the action early. Mayweather is too patient. He sits back and waits for mistakes. Then he counters and picks his spots from there. Marquez is a much better fighter than Hatton, who simply mauled and smothered Mayweather, who eventually timed him with a left hook to finish the fight. That same fate is highly unlikely. Marquez adapts to fights better than anyone today. He is so skilled and so determined, that he will find a way to be comfortable in whatever fight he’s put in. In the Diaz fight, there were flurries in which he was against the ropes and losing exchanges but worked himself back in with counter shots and finished with a brutal uppercut.

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Floyd Mayweather Prediction

Mayweather’s size and speed will determine this fight though. He is naturally bigger; he’s faster, and may be one of the most intelligent fighters in the game. It’s one thing to know how to fight. It’s entirely, another to know how to fight your fight and nobody is better than Mayweather of dictating pace.  This shows you how good you really have to be, to dictate the pace of a fight, when you are a counter puncher.

At first glance, when you match up styles, you’d say this is a bad one. A fight where each guy is waiting on the other before they make their move. But these aren’t just any 2 guys. This is Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez; two of the greatest fighters of our generation. Boxing purists will watch, like always but if you’re a casual fan, you need to understand that these match-ups don’t just happen every day. It’s not commonplace for fighters, who’ve already accomplished so much, to agree to fight with so much to lose. Both Mayweather’s demand for the spotlight and perfect record and Marquez’s battle for respect and another crack at Pacquiao, make it worth the risk to them.

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