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Mayweather Marquez 24-7 Episode 3 Recap


So, apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought that Juan Manuel Marquez’s consumption of his own urine was disgusting. In fact the entire Mayweather family shared in my sentiments…

While at a party last Sunday night at his Mother’s house, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was extremely vocal in his disgust over Juan’s post workout, beverage of choice. One of the better trash talkers in all of sports, Floyd took his vocal assault to an even higher level. Dusting off some of his older material for the children that were listening, Floyd even went so far, as to call Juan… “Pee-Pee mouth”

The guy sure knows his audience.

Episode 3 however featured media day. Usually a circus and event in itself, each fighters’ media day showcased the near finishing touches on weeks of training. It’s a chance to be heard and be seen. While Oscar De La Hoya made an appearance at Juan’s media day, his was the standard version of interviews, work on the speed bag, and his confidence in being victorious September 19th.

Floyd however, does nothing standard. His media day was catered with a full on barbeque, a display of his hand speed, and proclamations of his greatness and inevitable victory to come. His Uncle/Trainer-Roger, even took time to sit in the tent outside his training facility while media members were eating and continued his ongoing theme of telling all around him that they “don’t know sh*t about boxing.”

I got to be honest. He’s starting to grow on me.

You can tell a change in each fighter though. A sort of focused mindset as their training winds down. They’ve prepared their bodies to their liking. They’re strong, they’re fast, and they’re locked in. With one more episode remaining in this series, you will no doubt see their intensity at it’s fullest. The big night is now less than a week away.



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