Mayweather vs. Cotto results & round by round updates

Credit: All City Boxing

Live Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto Round by Round Results

On May 5th, Floyd Mayweather will challenge Miguel Cotto for Cotto’s WBA 154 lbs title. The Mayweather vs. Cotto fight promises to be both entertaining and intriguing, as it pits the pound for pound champion and top welterweight in the world against a top-20 P4P caliber guy, and the top junior middleweight in the world.

How will the Mayweather vs. Cotto results play out? Right here, you can find live Mayweather-Cotto results and round by round updates and scores all night long. We’ll also provide coverage of the entire pay-per-view card, also featuring the Saul Alvarez vs. Shane Mosley fight.

Check it all out right here! Be sure to bookmark this page and come back on Saturday, May 5th, for our live Mayweather vs Cotto results and round by round coverage.

Mayweather-Cotto Round by Round Scores

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Floyd Mayweather 10 9 9 10 10 9 10 9 10 10 9 10 115

Miguel Cotto
9 10 10 9 9 10 9 10 9 9 10 9 113

Credit: All City Boxing

A star studded crowd is in attendance, including Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, the cast from True Blood, P Diddy and Little Wayne, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, and many others.

It’s 11:37 pm, and the national anthems are set to begin! At 11:43 pm, Mayweather enters the ring first, accompanied by 50 Cent, the Money Team… and yes, Justin Bieber. Interesting.

Next up is Miguel Cotto, and his son is walking with him. Almost fight time folks!

11:50 pm, and Michael Buffer is running through his lengthy intros… and… wait for it… Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuumbbblleee…. Mayweather has Triple H in his corner, in addition to Beiber and 50 Cent, and is still chewing on the same gum he had at the weigh-in, apparently. Fight time! Let’s go…

Round by Round Mayweather vs Cotto Results

Rd 1: Cotto comes out with a jab, Mayweather throws a left hook which is blocked. Cotto coming forward and jabbing. Mayweather throwing his jab, to the body and upstairs. The two guys tie up. Mayweather looks to lead now, then Cotto gets him against the ropes and lands a shot. Mayweather throws a big lead right, blocked, and a left hook, also blocked. Good defense from Cotto. Probably Mayweather’s round.

Rd 2: About 30 seconds into the round, Cotto bulls Mayweather into the ropes and almost picks him up and slams him. Showing his strength there. Mayweather stays calm. Cotto gets him back to the ropes though, Mayweather inviting him in and looking to counter. Cotto doing some good work to the body, crowd going nuts, but most of his shots are missing. Mayweather then opens up a bit more, looking for uppercuts. Round to Cotto, 19-19.

Rd 3: Cotto sticks him with a jab. Mayweather decides he’ll jab. Cotto lands a body shot, Mayweather goes upstairs to counter. Cotto gets him back to the ropes again, Mayweather letting it happen and making him miss. Cotto lands a body shot, then a right upstairs. Mayweather answers, but Cotto jabs, and Mayweather counters that with a right. Cotto lands another body shot. Looking good with his combination punching here. Cotto lands a jab. Round to Cotto, 29-28 in his favor.

Rd 4: Mayweather opens up round 4 more aggressively. He’s looking to take charge and lead now. he just flipped a switch and decided to attack, maybe lulling Cotto to sleep in rounds 2 and 3 a bit. About 30 seconds of unanswered shots. Cotto bouncing around, seemingly trying to decide what to do next. Mayweather throwing combos unimpeded. Cotto stalks forward, then charges in. Big round for Mayweather.

Rd 5: Cotto gets Mayweather into the corner and against the ropes. Mayweather making him miss, but the crowd likes it, and the judges might. Now Mayweather countering, and tagging him with uppercuts. The two trade, Mayweather looks as calm as if he was working the mitts with Uncle Roger. They get tangled up and Mayweather pushes him  to the center of the ring. Mayweather continues to look for a home for his uppercuts. Cotto bulling in headfirst, lands a jab. This is a pretty fast paced encounter. Mayweather starts throwing some big bombs, but misses. Mayweather sticks out his left trying to land his right. They touch gloves after the round. Great action, Mayweather’s round.

Rd 6: Cotto lands a few good body shots. Mayweather unfazed, but you can hear those, they have to be making their mark. Mayweather acknowledges that seemingly by going to Cotto’s body. Then jabs upstairs. Cotto pops him with a big jab. Mayweather does a little dance. Mawyeather has been bleeding a bit from his nose, Cotto’s face is red and swollen. Cotto bouncing around, circling. Mayweather shakes his head, Cotto still dancing. Mayweather lands a right, throws another but misses. Cotto clinches then pushes him off. Things have changed, and now Mayweather is the guy coming forward, walking him down. But Cotto’s round, landed some good shots. We have it even through 6!

Rd 7: This fight has had interesting, changing dynamics. Now Mayweather is throwing big straight rights, and Cotto is stationary and covering up. Then Cotto switches to try to come forward, lands a body shot. He’s confident right now, but he might be tiring. Mayweather opens up with a combination. Cotto isn’t throwing much. Cotto isn’t sure what part he wants to play, so to speak, and Mayweather takes the round.

Rd 8: Big combination punctuated by a straight right for Mayweather. Cotto though gets Mayweather to the ropes and lands. Now throwing hard and working, Mayweather using his shoulder roll but not countering. Good offense for Cotto. Mayweather pushes him off, Cotto comes back. He’s all offense right now, Mayweather all defense. Mayweather looking for the uppercuts, Cotto goes to the body. Cotto lands, Mayweather shakes it off, Cotto lands again. Crowd going crazy. Cotto hook to the body. Hook upstairs partially blocked. Another nice hook. Mayweather relaxing, and shaking things off, but he’s not doing anything to score on his own. Big Cotto round.

Rd 9: Wow, the atmosphere is just crazy right now, and this has been a fun fight. Cotto’s body shots have seemingly done their job and tired Mayweather out a bit. Cotto less aggressive here as Mayweather is using his footwork a bit more to keep him off balance. Mayweather looking for big uppercuts, and big shots. Mayweather gets him to the ropes, jabs to the body, follows it up to the head. Cotto pushes Mayweather to the ropes. Round to Mayweather here.

Rd 10: Both men looking a bit weary, the action has tapered off just a bit, but still a nice pace here. Mayweather bouncing around, he’s showing that he’s tired from that bodywork. Mayweather jabbing, they clinch and twist around. Cotto goes to the body. Mayweather bends over, Cotto attacks. Mayweather leads, lands a 1-2. Cotto opens up with a 4 punch combination, all blocked or missed. But looks good. Mayweather jabs, has a left hook blocked. Mayweather dictates the action here so probably his round, but close, and Cotto lands two nice shots at the end. 96-94 Mayweather

Rd 11: Cotto coming forward again, crowd loves it. They clinch up, Cotto does some inside work, gets Mayweather to the ropes. Floyd smiles, but he’s tired and feeling it in there. Cotto keeps him on the ropes, lands some solid shots. Mayweather answers with a 3 punch combination, Cotto answers in turn. Cotto digs to the body again. Mayweather jabs to the body, he’s starting to pick up the pace, worried that this is getting away from him. Cotto ties up. Mayweather with a lead left hook at the bell. Cotto’s round, 105-104

Rd 12: Cotto comes in, they tie up, Mayweather decides to open up. He realizes this fight could be at stake, and he is throwing some solid shots now. Cotto coming in and tying up again. Mayweather jabs, Cotto tries to get in an uppercut. Cotto bouncing around, Mayweather wings an overhand right. Mayweather getting off first here, hurts Cotto with a big uppercut and wobbles. Mayweather loves it, now is opening up, lands a big right. Mayweather now has his hands down and just showcasing some reflex defense. 10 seconds out, Cotto comes forward, Mayweather launches another right, they clinch and then hug at the bell, tons of respect each way. Round to Mayweather, great way to close the show. has it 115-113 for Mayweather. (Harold Lederman scores it 117-111 for Mayweather)

Official judges’ scorecards 117-111, 117-111 and 118-110 for Floyd Mayweather!

Post-fight, it’s Larry Merchant with the interview, and he announces that Mayweather came to him and apologized yesterday. So here they are again.

Mayweather talks about the fight and heading off to jail, then he blames Bob Arum for the Manny Pacquiao fight not happening. Then he says he wants to make it happen and give the fans what they want. Is Canelo next in the fall? Mayweather reiterates that Cotto took all the random drug tests, why can’t Pacquiao? If you’re the best, take the test.


Saul Alvarez vs. Shane Mosley Results

10:25 pm: They take the time to do the national anthems before Canelo vs. Mosley, not typical for a co-feature. The Ring Kings PPV is all ceremony and no substance, so far. Surprise, surprise. At least the crowd is getting a bit fired up during the ring walks. Shane is smiling and looks calm as always, Canelo looks a bit nervous on the big stage. He’s making $2 million for this fight, a huge sum.

10:37 pm: They are taking a ton of time here for the freaking co-feature. And they are promoting a History channel Hatfields vs. McCoys series, and so Mosley is fighting out of the “blue Hatfields corner”. Jesus.

Rd 1: As the fight starts, both men are feeling one another out. I think it takes Canelo about 75 seconds until he throws his first punch, a jab. Mosley in turn decides to get off first, throwing his own feeler jabs. Canelo goes to the body, Mosley staying busier. Not much action in round 1, but Mosley’s round as Canelo sits back.

Rd 2: Canelo decides he has waited enough and begins opening up more in round 2. He’s working in body shots, and he’s going upstairs too with some serious intentions, throwing serious power shots. Lands a few to the delight of the crowd, and controls the second round.

Rd 3: They cut to an interview with Cotto in between the 2nd and 3rd rounds, he’s hanging out in his dressing room in an unbuttoned dress shirt, and casually talks about the fight to come. Canelo is making a point of going to the body against Shane. Mosley lands a shot, Canelo answers with a big right hand that gets the crowd Oohing. Canelo is cut from a head butt over his left eye, ruled accidental. Bleeding pretty bad. Round to Canelo, though.

Rd 4: Canelo’s cut seems under control, but it’s definitely in a bad spot, right on his left eyelid. Seems like they did a good job with it, though. Andre Ward joins the announcing team here. Canelo continuing to get stronger, Mosley already starting to fade. How much will each man press – Canelo to get the stoppage, Mosley to get the win? Rd 4 to Canelo.

Rd 5: Shane staying busy here in round 5, and Canelo decides to retaliate and open up in turn. Crowd getting into it as Canelo lands a few shots. Mosley needs to punch to try to cause damage and win, but when he does, Canelo is simply getting busy himself nad landing the harder, cleaner shots. Canelo’s round, 4-1 right now.

Rd 6: The fight is at least getting exciting right now. Mosley looking gassed, and getting beaten up. Canelo coming forward and throwing bombs. Canelo lands a huge right hand bomb, staggers Mosley, then Alvarez goes back to the body. Big round for Ca-ne-Lo! Ca-ne-lo!

Rd 7: The announcers now shit to talking about Mosley getting badly hurt, as he’s getting tagged but not going down. I don’t think it’s that dire, but Canelo is in complete control here. Mosley isn’t offering much resistance. If it keeps up, his corner should eventually pull the plug.

Rd 8: Canelo picking up the pace and becoming more aggressive. Has no fear of Mosley right now… and there’s no reason to either. Doing whatever he wants in there, so another big round for him.

Rd 9: Canelo snaps Mosley’s head back with a jab. He lands some huge body shots, and Mosley is hurt. Mouth is wide open and he’s breathing heavy. Really hurt Mosley there. Mosley survives the round, but this is ugly at this point.

Rd 10: Everyone probably a little bit uncomfortable with the fight at this point. Merchant chimes in with a solid comment for a change, talking of past-great fighters, “they don’t believe they’re beaten, until they’re beaten up.” Canelo’s cut opens up, so it looks as if he’s been in a war, but he hasn’t. Mosley is more lively here in round 10. But right as he flurries, Canelo lands a flush right to the face that pushes him back.  Mosley had a better round here, but still clearly to Canelo, we have it 9 rounds to 1 for him.

Rd 11: Mosley has decided he may as well give things a go here and put up a battle. He’s opening up and throwing much more, landing some decent shots, although Canelo isn’t bothered much. Mosley is absolutely gassed, but using his jab, then holding on. Canelo taking off the round seemingly, letting Shane do some work. Mosley comes forward and lands a few shots, Canelo counters with ab ig right. Round to Mosley, why not? 9-2.

Rd 12: Mosley definitely more enlivened here, perhaps knowing he’s closing the show not just for tonight, but perhaps on a career. His upturn in workrate has quieted Canelo a little bit, who at one point was going for a stoppage, but is now just riding it out. Now Canelo picks it up, and lands some huge shots. He wants to end on a positive note, too. We have it 118-110, 10 rounds to 2, for Saul Canelo Alvarez.

Official scorecards read: 119-109, 118-110 and 119-109, all for Canelo Alvarez

Jessie Vargas vs. Steve Forbes

9:40 pm and Vargas-Forbes is set to begin… remember of course that Vargas was going to fight Alfonso Gomez, who pulled out just a few weeks ago with an injury.

Forbes has a good first round, displaying his skill set and experience. Vargas looking to get comfortable against the veteran. Vargas opens up the second determined to be more aggressive. Working behind the jab and pushing forward. Forbes tying up on the inside, can’t get off any offense in close.

Vargas working hard mentally to not open up and become too aggressive, and then opening himself up to Forbes’ counters. He’s definitely controlling things though. Forbes is displaying a bit of the sparring partner mentality, as well as simply showing his age against the younger, bigger, stronger kid. Action is slow here, and as the crowd is beginning to fill up, they’re also getting restless.

Adrien Broner is a guest announcer during round 5-6, and that instantly becomes more interesting than the fight itself, as a few chants of “Boring” come in from the crowd. This has all the makings of your average Tuesday afternoon sparring session in hopes of working up a sweat and improving on your conditioning. Vargas is sweeping all the rounds, but isn’t looking overly impressive.

Round 8 now, and I’m yawning and waiting for Canelo-Mosley, at which point I’ll just be waiting for Mayweather-Cotto. Way to put on a nice undercard, geez. Things are just staying at a consistent, nonthreatening pace here. Vargas is getting off first, he’s quicker and bigger. Forbes is looking for spots, and surviving just fine, but not pressing too much.

Alright, thankfully the fight is over and we can move on with our lives. The official scorecards read: 100-90, 97-93, and 98-92 for Jessie Vargas. Forbes is now 3-8 in his last 11 fights.

Vargas UD Forbes

DeAndre Latimore vs. Carlos Quintana

Alright so it’s about 9:08 pm and the first fight of the evening is underway! The crowd is still empty as Deandre Latimore vs. Carlos Quintana begins.

Quintana looking strong in the opening rounds. He looks to be operating in control. Latimore trying to get himself into the action, using his jab, while Quintana is being a bit more active and confusing Latimore a bit.

Latimore begins being more aggressive, coming forward and looking to dictate. Quintana fine with that, it plays into his counterpunching. He turns things around and comes into Latimore’s aggression, and nails him with some solid shots at the end of round 3.

Quintana continues to be effective through round  4, he’s landing more shots, and the punches he lands are cleaner. In the beginning of round 5, he really opens up and nails Latimore, Latimore beings tying up. Quintana really is in control now. He’s confident and feeling it. Latimore doesn’t quite know what to do, and is looking to tire a bit.

In the 6th, Latimore is in big trouble, and Quintana pours it on. He decks Latimore, and Latimore struggles to get up, and once he does, the referee calls off the action to no complaints.

Quintana TKO6 Latimore


Thanks for checking out all of our live updates and round by round coverage of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto results, and the entire PPV card, including Canelo vs. Mosley. Be sure to continue checking back for more updates on the fight and all of the news surrounding its buildup and aftermath, and much more on all of the juicy details with the Mayweather vs. Cotto results.

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