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Mayweather vs. Mosley: Will Mayweather’s Defense Shine Through on May 1?

Multi-part Series Analyzing Different Aspects of the Mega Bout on May 1st Between Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will put his unblemished record on the line against “Sugar” Shane Mosley on May 1, 2010 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather will be the overall favorite to win the fight on May 1, and yes, Mayweather’s defense will play a big role in his attempt to once again shutout yet another gamed opponent.

“Forty have tried and forty have failed.”  This is Mayweather’s chalk up on how all of his opponents have fared against him in fistic combat.  Mayweather has systemically picked apart all of his opponents, with the exception of the first fight he had against Jose Luis Castillo fight back in April, 2002, only to take apart Castillo in the rematch in December, 2002.

How will Shane Mosley be any different than from the other forty fighters who have failed against Mayweather?

In this fight Mayweather will have a huge defensive skill advantage over Shane Mosley. When Mayweather boxes at a calculated distance and uses his defensive peek-a-boo style, there is no fighter from 147 pounds and under that can beat Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Another important key in the fight that Mayweather will use effectively against Mosley will be Mayweather’s signature deceptive jab to the mid section of Mosley.  Mayweather has used this weapon in all of his fights and it will play a big role in tiring out Mosley in the later rounds of the fight.

One more advantage Mayweather will have is his trainer and uncle, Roger Mayweather.  Stability in the corner will be huge in this fight.  If Mayweather is in trouble during any part of the fight, Roger knows exactly what advice to give to Mayweather in order to motivate him to keep the show moving in a fight.

Naazim Richardson will also be a huge plus in Shane Mosley’s corner, but Mosley has yet to be in any type of trouble in a fight with Richardson, so if Mosley is in trouble in this fight on May 1, fans will be curious to see how Richardson will handle Mosley in the corner, given that Richardson and Mosley’s track record is only one fight long.

If Mosley decides to box with Mayweather on May 1, then Mayweather will definitely celebrate another rewarding victory.  Mayweather simply does not take too many chances in the ring, and in this fight in particular Mayweather probably will not take chances because Mosley will be the most dangerous fighter he has ever faced so far. Mosley can knock Mayweather out if he gets Mayweather in serious trouble.

The only chance Mosley has against Mayweather on May 1, 2010 is to try to bully Mayweather and make him fight.  If this happens, Mayweather can stand and fight if pushed into a corner and this could make for one of the best fights of the year.

Tune in for more fight analysis on Mosley vs. Mayweather from ProBoxing-Fans.com, and a continuation of this multi-part series. Then on fight night don’t forget to tune in for our Mayweather vs. Mosley results.