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Pacquiao – Mosley Fight Camp 360 Episode 2 Recap

Pacquiao vs. Mosley Fight camp 360 Episode 2 debuted this Saturday evening. The Pacquiao-Mosley Fight Camp 360 series returned after a two week hiatus. Episode 1 had originally aired on CBS during the channel’s March Madness coverage. Now, episode 2 debuted on Showtime Saturday evening before all of the big fights of the night. Take a look at what happened in the second episode of Pacquiao Mosley Fight Camp 360 right here.

As usual, we begin this episode of Fight Camp 360 by taking a look back at last week’s episode. In the first airing, we were introduced to the buildup of the fight, the press conferences and photo shoots, the beginning of their training camps, and more. Now, by the time Episode 2 of Pacquiao-Mosley Fight Camp 360 aired, it’s just two weeks until fight night, which means that the big day is rapidly approaching, and training camps have been full steam ahead for quite some time.

Mosley calls the opportunity to fight and beat Pacquiao a dream come true, and it can only help his standing in the history of the sport. Freddie Roach is taking the challenge from Mosley very seriously, because of his talent, dedication and his experience.

We’re in the Philippines now, and we see Roach at the gym, as he talks up a young fighter who just made his professional debut. Roach is waiting for Pacquiao to get to the gym, and Roach starts getting stressed when he’s late and he listens to how Pacquiao has been distracted with appointments and other issues.

Roach talks about how Pacquiao has always been loyal to him even when others around Pacquiao tried to get him fired. Pacquiao chimes in later saying how they’re more than just boxer-trainer, they are friends and brothers. Roach also says that Pacquiao is like a son to him. The two work on the mitts together, and Roach says he would die for Manny Pacquiao, and he believes Manny would do the same.

Back at camp Mosley, he’s talking about the family environment he has there, and how they are all enjoying themselves. Naazim Richardson is joking and telling stories about Bernard Hopkins, and Mosley’s son talks about coming up to camp with his father, and how Rock Allen, Richardson’s son, is also there and everyone is helping one another.

Now we’re at the offices of Top Rank, and Bob Arum talks about his time in the business. He mentions how his first fight was Muhammad Ali vs. George Chuvalo, and Ali earned $300,000-$400,000. He says that Pacquiao is guaranteed $20 million for the upcoming fight, and Mosley is getting $5 million guaranteed, and he’s glad that fighters are getting the lion’s share of the money that they are earning. The rest of the Top Rank team is talking about tickets and how they are completely gone, and they can’t accommodate all of the requests from special interests and individuals looking to get in at the last minute.

Back with Pacquiao, Alex Ariza is talking about how this training camp is different from others. This time, he has actually been stagnant and not training for 5 months, so he’s starting from scratch and needs to be even more dedicated. We see Pacquiao getting up at 5:30 am and doing his training out on the mountains and on the roadside, shadow boxing, doing situps, running hills with dogs, fans watching him the whole way.

At Big Bear, Mosley works the heavy bag and says he doesn’t need anyone to tell him how good he is. He gets to the gym and does the hard work and tells himself. His son talks about Mosley’s desire to show the world that they have been wrong not giving him a chance in the fight, and that this is his legacy.

In the Philippines, we see some jokes and silliness at Pacquiao’s training camp. Buboy Fernandez talks about growing up with Pacquiao and about how he turned him into a trainer, and he didn’t know about boxing before. Roach tells a story about how against Cotto, Buboy was crying in the corner about Pacquiao not getting off the ropes, when they had made the game plan to do that and Pacquiao was basically trying to prove them wrong. We see Amir Khan in camp with Pacquiao training. Pacquiao does an impression of Khan’s voice which is actually quite good. Roach mentions how he had to drag Khan and his camp out there because he needs to go where Pacquiao goes.

People from the Mo’Nique show visit Mosley at his camp. Everyone jokes around and gets some good laughs, it’s all to stay at ease, because things will be getting more and more serious. With that, we flash to Pacquiao furiously working the mitts, and Roach talking about how Pacquiao works harder today than he ever did.

Then we see a montage of Mosley training and talking about putting it in his spirit and soul, and just eating, sleeping and training and repeating that. Roach says that trying to find the next Pacquiao is unfair, because he doesn’t think what he has done will ever be done again, ever. We see training clips spliced in from each fighter and his camp as they hit the bags and push themselves to be better than ever.

Finally, we get a glimpse at next week’s episode. Pacquiao and Roach will be flying back to the United States to get to the Wild Card Gym, the training continues to intensify for both teams, Mosley says a final goodbye to his girlfriend before the fight, and so forth.

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