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Roy Jones vs. Denis Lebedev Results: Another Vicious KO Loss for Jones Jr.

Credit: Photo Wende

Watch the Video of the Jones Jr. vs. Lebedev Knockout Here

The once unimaginable has now become a frequent trend. The sight of Roy Jones Jr., one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport, planted into the canvas, knocked out brutally by another opponent. This time it was cruiserweight Denis Lebedev who took care of business against the increasingly badly faded Jones Jr.

In a fight one wonders about in terms of how it even got put together, Jones Jr. actually began the affair performing capably. He’s a tiny fraction of what he used to be, but compared to Lebedev, he still had superior speed and skill, and he was able to put some rounds in the bank. However, Lebedev continued to apply pressure, and his stronger shots took their toll. In the 10th, Lebedev left Jones Jr. reeling, bent over but still standing up while clearly knocked out on his feet. Before the referee jumped in, he inexplicably allowed Lebedev to launch another vicious, concussive shot before he finally called off the contest, and left Jones to tumble to the canvas.

Roy Jones vs. Denis Lebedev Video

What’s next for Jones? One has to hope it’s retirement… finally. However, following another devastating knockout loss, now residing entirely in the far outskirts of the sport, a true shell of his former self, Roy Jones still says he might be back for more. Call it day RJJ, please. It’s a journey that nearly all former greats go on in the sport of boxing, but few have tumbled farther, quicker and more brutally than Jones in the past several years.