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‘Spookiest’ Knockouts in Boxing History

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In honour of Halloween, let’s look at a few of the spookiest (1 punch shocking knockouts that caught us off guard) in boxing history!


Tyson vs Buster Douglas 

Still arguably one of the biggest upsets in not just boxing history, but in sports history was when the baddest man on the planet, Iron Mike Tyson was knocked out in Japan against, at the time, unknown underdog Buster Douglas. The science of Tyson on the canvas trying to put his mouth piece back is an image we won’t ever forget.




Ali vs Foreman 

Billed as the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ pre-fight, many believed Muhammad Ali wouldn’t make it out of the ring. Ali against one of the most feared men in sports history, George Foreman. A testament to his greatness, Ali implemented the famous rope a dope strategy to tire Foreman out. When Ali stepped up the pace, he knocked Foreman out, a surprise to us all and added more proof to his proclamation of being the greatest.


Pacquiao vs Marquez – IV

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In the 4th fight of their epic battle, Manny Pacquiao was looking for the kill in the closing seconds of the 6th. Both fighters had knocked each other down and Marquez was fighting through a broken nose. As Pacquiao charged in, Marquez caught his rhythm and drilled Pacquiao with an epic right. Pacquiao didn’t see and it was lights out. The image of the Pacman going down is still an image we see in our minds today.


Martinez vs Williams – II

Photo Credit: boxrec.com

In the rematch to their highly competitive first fight, Martinez at the time was the man to beat and was running the middleweight division. As the action picked up early in the fight, Martinez landed one of the nastiest right hands in boxing history knocking out Williams and virtually ending his career.


Jones vs Tarver – II

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After Jones won a questionable decision in the first fight, Jones confessed a few reasons to his poor performance. Before the fight, as the ref was giving instructions, Tarver asked Jones “got any excuses tonight Roy”. One of boxing’s greatest in the 2nd round was knocked out standing up before eventually collapsing to the canvas. That was the end of Jones’s reign at the top of the sport.


Pacquiao vs Hatton

Photo Credit: gwboxing.com

At the peak of his career while destroying his way through 8 divisions, Ricky Hatton felt the storm of Manny Pacquiao. In the 2nd round of their fight after being knocked down twice in the first round, Pacquiao landed a left hand on Hatton’s jaw that was so hard his hair flew and virtually ended Hatton’s career.


Hagler vs Hearns

Photo Credit: ringsidereport.com

Still recognised as one of the most exciting big name fights in history, both middleweight champs were at the top of their game coming in. Hagler knocked out Hearns making his claim as one of our greatest middleweight champions of all time!


De la Hoya vs Hopkins

Photo Credit: espn.com

Two of boxing’s future hall of famers and former co promoters met in their middleweight showdown. After a good back and forth fight, Hopkins landed a sharp right hand to the body and left De La Hoya on the canvas for a few minutes clinching his body. One of the greatest knockouts to the body in boxing history.

There are so many spooky knockouts in boxing history, comment on your favourites as well!

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