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The 9th Hilltop Boxing Cup: The largest intercollegiate boxing event in California

The 9th Hilltop Cup Boxing tournament this September is an annual amateur boxing competition, whereby boxers from many different clubs and universities gather to showcase their talent and boxing abilities against one another. A yearly event brought together by the University of San Francisco, the Hilltop Cup is the largest amateur intercollegiate boxing event in California. It features numerous schools from all over the country, such as University of San Francisco, UCLA, University Of Southern California, Santa Clara University, San Jose State University, UC Davis, Sacramento State University and the University Of Maryland.

For this year’s Hilltop Cup, the University of San Francisco has chosen to hold all of its bouts at the University’s War Memorial Gymnasium. On the night of September 14,  2012, the gymnasium will be transformed into a full-fledged boxing arena filled with fight fans from all over the bay area. There will be over 20 bouts fought bothat an intercollegiate level and at an intramural level, featuring male and female boxers of all  weight classes.

“It will be a night that will showcase a diverse group of boxers from different universities and backgrounds,” says Adrianna Boursalian, Co-Captain of the USF’s Boxing team.

Indeed, this event will highlight some of amateur boxing’s new and upcoming boxers at an intercollegiate level. Of course, seeing boxing at the London Olympics reminds many fight fans that before the all-time greats win championships in the realm of professional boxing, the vast majority begin their journey in the amateur ranks.

“We look forward to top caliber boxing at this year’s Hilltop Cup,” says Angelo Merino, head boxing coach for the USF boxing team. Many top boxing schools have started training for this event months before to have the opportunity to fight at this event.

In addition to a spectacular night of amateur boxing, proceeds from this competition will go to the West Bay Filipino Multi-Service Center. West Bay serves to the Filipino community and other ethnic groups in the areas of health, employment, and after school care.