Timothy Bradley and the $1 million worry-free drug testing guarantee

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

When it comes to drug testing and the apparently widespread issue of steroid usage and performance enhancing drugs in boxing, Timothy Bradley has no worries. Despite utilizing a full regimen of supplements, shakes and various nutritional products, failing a drug test is not an issue for him.

“Nope, no concern for me,” Bradley said in a recent interview with ProBoxing-Fans.com.

He doesn’t take any illegal drugs or performance enhancers, and he’s confident that the supplements he does utilize are safe, clean and legal as well.

Bradley only takes supplements and nutritional products from USANA Health Sciences, and happily serves as their unpaid spokesperson. Not only is he pleased with their quality, and the results he sees, but he can rest easy at night thanks to a special guarantee.

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

“I only mess with USANA,” Bradley said. “They are the only company out there that is going to guarantee me $1 million if I test positive for any illegal substance. I’m behind them 110%. There’s no supplement company out there that’s going to give you a contract that if you test positive, let me pay you $1 million of your salary that year.”

That’s right, if Tim Bradley fails a drug test as a result of taking a product provided to him by USANA, he’ll be compensated to the tune of $1 million.

Dr. Brian Dixon, Executive Director of Product and Technology Innovation at USANA, confirms this. “Any athlete who has signed up for the guarantee and fails a banned substance test as a result of taking USANA’s product can be compensated up to a million dollars,” he said.

It’s not enough to make up for all the money Bradley would lose from a major fight cancellation and the ensuing damage to his reputation, but it’s more than enough to provide him with the comfort of knowing that he can unwaveringly trust USANA’s products.

Bradley carefully monitors what he puts into his body – he follows a strict vegan diet during training – and he’s an absolute workout fiend. He believes this focus on nutrition, along with his supplement usage, gives him a crucial edge, particularly as he moves up in weight from his more natural home at Junior Welterweight.

He also believes that all boxers, as top athletes, should be taking supplements to improve their performance. Teaming up with a company like USANA simply made sense for him.

“USANA’s the way to go for me, and that’s the bottom line,” Bradley said. “I only use USANA products and that’s been very beneficial, and the potency is there, and what’s in the bottle is actually what’s in the bottle, it’s not laced with anything.”

By using only USANA supplements, Bradley believes he has no risk of ingesting an inadvertently tainted over the counter supplement, and that there’s no risk of anything illicit purposefully being added in without his knowledge.

Jim Brown, Vice President of Global Operations at USANA, notes that without a high quality product, the guarantee wouldn’t matter. “We provide safe, effective supplements to over 600 world-class athletes with no financial compensation,” he said. “They take the product because it works and because they trust our strict quality control and manufacturing standards.”

Of course, steroids and performance enhancing drugs in boxing aren’t a new problem. Over the past decade, fighters who have tested positive or have been directly linked to steroids include Shane Mosley, James Toney and Fernando Vargas.

The issue recently took center stage, however, during the failed negotiations for a Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao mega-fight. Mayweather accused Pacquiao of taking steroids and demanded Olympic-style random drug testing. Pacquiao at first refused, then relented, and ultimately fired back at Mayweather’s accusations with a defamation lawsuit.

Since then, more fighters have been signing up for pre-fight drug testing programs, including those administered by the United States Anti Doping Agency, and a new organization headed by Dr. Margaret Goodman, the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association, VADA. This positive momentum was slowed, however, as two fighters who separately requested VADA testing, Lamont Peterson and Andre Berto, failed pre-fight tests, leading to the cancellation of their scheduled rematches against Amir Khan and Victor Ortiz, respectively.

Berto blamed a tainted supplement, something which Bradley is confident he won’t fall victim to, while Peterson admitted to taking prescribed treatments to combat low testosterone levels.

Considering this, as well as Bradley’s firm belief in supplement usage and his status as a clean fighter, why wasn’t there VADA or USADA drug testing for his fight against Manny Pacquiao?

“Drug testing was never brought up during our negotiations. Is it something I would like? Sure, I wouldn’t mind. If you are clean, you shouldn’t have a problem taking the test,” Bradley said in a recent media conference call.

As for Pacquiao, Bradley isn’t sure what to believe. “I don’t know if Pacquiao ever used steroids or not,” he said.

What he does believe, with absolute confidence, is that he’ll upset Pacquiao on June 9th, and that he would pass any drug test on any day.

All clean fighters should have that confidence. Of course, for Tim Bradley, the $1 million guarantee certainly helps.

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  1. It should be noted that you can contact an USANA rep and even get a discount on certain USANA vitamin packs through Manny Pacquiao’s website MP8.ph.

  2. Pacquiao uses the same brand USANA for all his supplements. Now, all these black fighters should stop pointing fingers at others especially Pacman. You know America has a history of dirty Olympic and pro fighters that always come up clean with USADA. Mayweather might be one of them.

  3. pac never uses peds, or else he would have been caught a long time ago, this was just gayfraud’s plan of slowing down pac on fight night as they have found out in first morales fight, it just got out of hand the way this ape clan from africa want it to be, he,he,he,he,

  4. who demanded first the random testing Floyd and Golden Boy, but what now golden boys boxers tested positive of banned substance, Floyd is co Promoted by Golden Boy, if Bradly want to be tested by VADA or USADA it’s his choice, but he cant demand Pacquiao to do the same he is not in the position to that, a lot of cheaters caught were losers PED can help you build your muscles and stamina but it’s not a guantee of winning.

  5. How did this become a talk about Manny? But while were on the subject of Manny let me add that Manny will always be suspect because; one, he won’t ask for nor volunteer for USADA or VADA testing; which implies you’re hiding something and two, Manny has done something that no athlete or fighters has ever been able to do genetically, and that is to move up in weight 8 divisions and maintain; plus develop, more speed, power and muscle, 40-lbs of Muscle. Athletes in the sport of muscle building aren’t able to do that eating off of the table. Manny didn’t suggest testing for this fight nor will he ever as long as Alex Ariza is in the corner.

    If Manny is clean he will lose to Tim Bradley. Manny can only win the fight if he’s doped with PED’s or if Bob Arum winks and nodes his head at the head judge. Most likely Bob see’s the Money fight with the Money man and he will keep his options alive even if he does hate negotiating with Floyd he can put that aside for MONEY! Or he can do the same thing he did with Manny with Tim. And that is sign him up to fight and challenge guys naturally bigger than him but at catch weights so they won’t have any stamina or endurance and due the Tim’s work ethic and willingness to mix it up, he’ll always be there to win just as Manny was. He’s a fan favorite because he’s willing to fight and rumble head to head toe to toe.

    Where’s the future for Bob? Manny or Tim, they are both Top Rank fighters. Maybe its out with the old and in with the new.

    I think Manny wins because Bob can’t walk away from the Mayweather lottery not because Manny has some super skill set.

  6. WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ RightCross says:

    Actually anyone that has followed other non-pro sports where testing is actually done the true OSDT way “year round” know why Floyd will only use the USADA !! It’s called the Lance Armstrong rule “Money = negative results” Ask any non-american athlete that comes here in the US to compete if they think the USADA is fair in their testing and un-bias ! The answer has been and will always be NO ?? I’m actually waiting on the co-offer from Arum and Manny to Floyd so if you want OSDT we will do it but only with VADA what you say Floyd ?? What do you wanna bet Floyd says no ??

  7. I happen to be an independent Brand Ambassador for USANA Health Sciences. As a product, due to the accolade and effectiveness of the products we’ve attracted up to 300-600 Olympic and Olympic-level athletes including several fighters. If there is any clarity or questions I can provide on USANA’s product line, do let me know, and/or if you are interested in sampling or utilizing the products for yourself, I am happy to help you with wholesale pricing for individuals. Email me at: soominsk@aol.com

  8. STOP using those nutritional products that do not produce results. USANA’s flagship products are RATED #1 in the WORLD.
    Go to EnergyPlus.Usana.com and order a 4 weeks supply of AM/PM pillow-packs “HEALTHPAK” and experience the Usana Difference.

  9. At any rate, let the 3rd party do the judgement whether there is steroid or any illegal substance inside USANA, daring athletes trust USANA and so is my whole family. But there is a how in taking USANA, let me know your problem and i’m more than willing to provide FREE samples for a 30-day trial, just write me at sikilim@yahoo.com See You!

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