Top 3 reasons Floyd Mayweather will defeat Robert Guerrero

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Robert Guerrero is going to be on the biggest stage boxing can offer, sharing the spotlight and fighting “Money” himself, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Last week, we published a story on the top reasons why Mayweather could lose to Guerrero. The piece created some real buzz and controversy, and so we decided to follow that up with a look at the bout from the reverse angle.

Of course, there are many things against the young, hungry lion in Guerrero. Not everyone believes Guerrero should even be sharing the ring with Mayweather, however, one thing we can say is that he has earned his spot to be fighting the top man in the sport.

With all of that said, check out the top 3 reasons that Mayweather will defeat Guerrero.

The Experience

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Credit: Esther Lin / Showtime

Experience is the best weapon to have going into major fights. And it’s not just in the ring experience, either. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been at this pinnacle of boxing for a very long time now, so the amount of press conferences he has to go to, the interviews he has to do, all the questions towards him all the time, he has been there before and is comfortable doing so, he even feels better doing it.

When it comes to prize fighting experience, hardly anybody in the game can compare to Mayweather. He simply knows how to win. The little adjustments Floyd makes during fights is the thing that sets him above other fighters right now.

When he was fighting Miguel Cotto, by the 4th and 5th rounds, Floyd’s straight right hand was not landing how he wanted it to, so he ended up finding the looping right, which would go around Cotto’s guard. After Cotto had adjusted to that, Floyd found the uppercut which would continue to land. It is the little things he does in fights which make it so hard to take that 0 from him. Robert Guerrero just does not have enough experience at this high a level yet. Robert’s biggest name opponent is Andre Berto and, well, Berto isn’t Floyd Mayweather.

Guerrero may be effective for the first few rounds but like all come forward fighters, Floyd will counter, land his body shots and break him down round by round.

The Wild Card

It shook up the boxing world when Robert Guerrero was found and arrested with an unloaded firearm in New York’s JFK airport. I personally have no idea why he would bring it on a plane, not knowing just exactly how the law works for the licenses for that particular state. It was an extremely ridiculous idea on his part, even if it was just aimless ignorance and not malicious in any way.

What’s done is done and now he will be going to court after the fight and possibly be facing serious prison time. Will this be on the back of his mind at all come fight night, knowing he is going to have to fight harder than ever to get the victory to ensure his family’s security while he may be headed to prison?

When some fighters fight harder, they tend to become a little reckless, and being reckless against Floyd Mayweather is a doomed approach. The more he opens up, the more Floyd will counter back with shots of his own and that may just set up Floyds offense easier.

The Skills

It’s the most obvious reason why Mayweather should emerge victorious on May 4th. Guerrero has shown that he’s strong, he has the heart of a lion, and the power and chin to go with it. But if we compare the skill sets and ring IQs of the two fighters, Floyd Mayweather is up by a mile. He always know where he is and where he wants to go at all times during a fight, and he knows exactly how to get that done.

Mayweather may still be one of the fastest handed people in the boxing world right now. His hand speed is on display every time he goes out to perform. If his hand speed is not enough to bother you in a fight, his timing, defense and reflexes are the ones to catch your attention. Most opponents can barely see any hard clean shots land on Mayweather due to his defense and counter punching prowess.

His power may not be as up to par with Robert’s, but it is going to hurt enough to keep anyone thinking twice about making moves in the ring. The subtle feints that Floyd does, making his opponents flinch and then question their own approach, may be as effective as his own punches. Looking back on the Shane Mosley fight, Mosley was able to hurt Floyd early, but once Floyd gained his ground again, and started feinting and countering, Shane was the most confused boxer I may have ever seen.

Combined, these are the things that will make Money May way too much for Robert to handle come fight night.

Yet, there is one thing that is impossible to measure, and that is one’s will to win. We’ll never know what may happen until fight night, and as Mike Tyson once said,  “Everyone has a game plan until they get punched in the face.”

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  1. Another cherry picked, tailor-made, come-forward opponent for the counter punching racist. Froid Jr. always said he is his own boss, he pleases only himself not the fans, thus he can do anything for himself, dictate the terms and anything else he desires. Is anybody giving The Ghost a chance of upsetting the fraud? Probably none.

    • @Jackeazz

      Fuck you dickhead

      Guerrero is the interim champ that means he is Floyds mandatory dumbass

      • that may be the case dickhead but guerrero has his head so far up his christian arse there is no way he can win

  2. The one true reason: This fight is fixed.

    • That is very true! this fight is FIXED! Im more hyped for Paulette Malignaggi vs Adrianna Boner, this FMJ vs RG are FIXED nuff said

  3. I just hope there are no dumb people buying this fight……… Hear ye my friends this is professional boxing and boring fights is to be trashed!!!!!!!

  4. gayweather knows when to fight; that’s the reason why he avoided pacman a couple of years ago! (clear win over guerrero)

  5. Floyd will win because of several reasons. Number one, Guerrero is susceptible to the straight right. Salido and Aydin threw it and it landed the vast majority of the time. It tends to close Guerrero’s left eye, which will not help him in the later rounds against Mayweather.
    Number two, Guerrero throws a ton of punches and is only used to connecting at around 21%-24%. This is against slower, more flat-footed fighters. Floyd will be more elusive and Robert will be more tired than ever because missing haymakers tends to take a lot out of a fighter. I will say that Guerrero has been in great condition lately though, so he has that going for him.
    Lastly, Guerrero is a very dirty fighter and tends to both hold and throw rabbit punches. The ref will be aware of this and will be quick to warn Guerrero and ultimately either take points away or even disqualify him. He will not get away with it because the refs know that they will be reemed out by the boxing industry if they allow any funny stuff against Floyd. If Guerrero doesn’t lose any points, he will at least be forced to fight in a different manner than he is accustomed to.
    There are plenty more reasons, but those three will make a biggest difference. Guerrero also leans forward when fighting on the inside. Fighters have taken advantage of this by throwing short uppercuts. Also, Guerrero normally gets in great countershots when opponents get in a good shot. He is very much like Pacquiao in that he doesn’t want it to look like he was outmuscled in an exchange. Unfortunately, it won’t work as well against Mayweather who likes to jump backward and flail his arms out after getting in a good shot, thereby avoiding most counter power shots.
    Guerrero is actually a better fighter than most give him credit for and his right jab will mess up Floyd’s timing for the first few rounds. It should be a good fight, but I would guess that Floyd will probably win 117-111, or by a stoppage in the 9th, 10th, or 11th. Also, this fight is definitely not rigged.

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