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Top 5 fights I don’t want to see in 2014

Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Whereas many commentators are focusing on the fights they want to see made, or the fights that have been made and have made them the most excited, I am in more of a “the glass is half-empty” mood at the start of this year. In keeping with that spirit, and the continued in-action of the heavyweight division with more pointless rematches, here are the five fights that I most do not want to see this year:

5. Anthony Mundine vs. Carson Jones: Mundine’s last good win being a Split Decision over Daniel Geale in 2009. Mundine was the favorite in that fight, he barely won it, and Geale got his revenge in a clean points victory last year. Excepting the Geale rematch, Mundine has basically been on a tomato can and senior’s circuit diet for three years now.

I was never fond of watching Anthony Mundine in the first place, but the guy should hang up the gloves already. Another bout with another no-hoper doesn’t interest anyone outside of Australia, not even slightly.

4. Bermane Stiverne vs. Chris Arreola II: If you haven’t already read my open letter to the WBC, then let me tell you this pointless rematch is a stinker in the making. That the fight is for the vacant WBC title makes it worse, not better.

3. Timothy Bradley vs. anyone who isn’t Pacquiao or Marquez: Desert Storm now has unfinished business with two world class fighters. If he isn’t settling affairs with one or the other, I don’t want to see or know about what he is doing.

2. James Toney vs. anybody: Although it escaped widespread comment, Toney fought four times last year, including two bouts in November’s Prizefighter tournament. He went two for two. Dear James: you are 45 and haven’t won a decent fight in almost six years. PLEASE call it a day.

1. Marcos Maidana vs. Adrien Broner II: The Problem got solved, period. As much as Broner might wail like a little girl over a rematch, he got cleanly beat. Furthermore, I like the idea of watching Broner fume as Maidana moves on to bigger and better things far more than I like the idea of watching Broner get his ass kicked again. So no, I don’t want to see this rematch, and I especially don’t want to see the Texas authorities sleaze it into existence.