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Victor Ortiz video interview Q&A with fan questions

Right here, you can check out a special video interview with Victor Ortiz, where “Vicious” Victor goes through a lengthy Q&A session with fan questions. It’s pretty interesting to see not only what Ortiz had to say, but also what the fans had to ask him. Of course, Ortiz is quite the character, so any interview with him is worth a watch.

You asked, and he answered! Victor Ortiz sat down with SHOWTIME Sports to answer fan questions from Facebook and Twitter before his next big fight against Josesito Lopez. Watch the replay of Ortiz’ live Ustream chat from Thursday, June 21st.

It’s a pretty long video, over 20 minutes in length, so you’ll get a chance to see a lot of different questions asked and learn more about Ortiz, his thoughts on the upcoming fight against Lopez and the next fight against Canelo Alvarez, and more. Take a look and enjoy.