Ward vs. Dawson results: Andre Ward dominates to remain undefeated

Credit: Alexis Cuarezma

The majority of fight fans expected Andre Ward to defeat Chad Dawson on Saturday night. That’s not a light statement to make — Dawson is regarded as the top fighter at 175 lbs, and according to our most recent rankings, the #15 pound for pound boxer in the world.

Regardless, the statement that was made, and the most lasting impression, is that Ward dispatched of this guy easily. This wasn’t a close fight. This was a top fighter absolutely outclassing another top fighter, and in the process asserting himself as being of a different level entirely.

Credit: Alexis Cuarezma

If you had bet that the Ward vs. Dawson results would have been a knockout win for Ward, you would have won a lot of money on the over/under line. A decision was the clear smart move, nevertheless, Andre “S.O.G.” Ward was able to put the hurt on “Bad” Chad.

This was never a barn-burner, or a crazy fight between two wild-swinging maniacs. Andre Ward stayed within himself, and outfought Chad Dawson. He sent him down twice in the early rounds, and then sent him down again as he closed the show in the 10th round.

Andre Ward, undefeated in the professional and amateur ranks since he was a pre-teen, absolutely outclassed a fighter who was regarded as being one of the best fighters in the world. Let that settle in for a minute.

Ward might be the best boxer on the planet right now. Who, anywhere in or near his weight class, could you pick to beat him? He just beat the best guy at 175 lbs — after cleaning out 168 lbs. He’d have significant size over Sergio Martinez, if Maravilla wanted to move up for another major bout. Andre Ward is a dominant force not just in his own division, but in an entire sector of the professional fight game.

The Ward vs. Dawson results only have confirmed what many people have been thinking for quite some time. Andre Ward isn’t just good, he’s great. He’s not just great, he’s pound for pound great, and he’s here to stay.

In earlier action, Antonio DeMarco dispatched of John Molina Jr. in about a minute in what seemed to be a flukey but concrete stoppage. Molina didn’t seem warmed up at all, and then got quickly tagged and was basically sent home. A terrible showing for him, while it allows DeMarco to continue building his own stock in search of bigger and better bouts.

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