Gennady Golovkin’s hit list: 7 Potential future opponents

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Top Choices for Gennady Golovkin’s Next Fight & 2014 Campaign:

Gennady Golovkin is coming off another sensational knockout, this time coming in the 7th round against Osumanu Adama. The knockout extended GGG’s KO streak to 16. With GGG seemingly fighting four times a year, one of the reasons he was our 2013 Champion of the Year, it seems as if a lot of fighters will get the chance to go against Golovkin. For his part, he has said he would fight anybody from 154 to 168 lbs, but the question is who is man enough to step into the ring with him?

Here’s a look at some potential names on the Gennady Golovkin hit-list.

GGG Hit List – The Junior Middleweights

  • Floyd Mayweather: Mayweather is in need of a challenge and most boxing fans are aware the two options on the table for Floyd, Khan and Maidana, are less than stellar. With Golovkin potentially fighting again in April, why not move down to 154 and take on Mayweather in May? Well, it’s a fight that boxing fans would love to see, but realistically, Floyd wouldn’t be interested in that, particularly now. And Golovkin would be unlikely to move down beneath the middleweight limit of 160 lbs, but dollars make sense, so maybe there’s a potential that a fight can be arranged at a catchweight.
  • James Kirkland: Kirkland is a force to be reckoned with, as we could see after his thrilling dismantling of Glen Tapia. With 28 knockouts in 32 fights, he has the slugging power to knock anyone out. Although Golovkin has a tremendous chin, Kirkland may be able to bang up the Kazakhstan warrior. However, his style is very similar to that of Curtis Stevens- a man who was battered around for eight rounds until the bout was stopped. Kirkland’s only loss came to Nobuhiro Ishida, a man who Golovkin beat with ease. But Kirkland is still a big name in the sport, and would be a more viable and entertaining opponent then a random no-name.
  • Canelo Alvarez: If Saul Alvarez can get past a tough test in Alfredo Angulo, he should consider a potential fight with GGG. He is trying to sell his brand as a pay-per view star and GGG is gaining momentum as a big name in the sport. Put these two names on a card and big bucks will come flying in. So why not make this fight? For Golden Boy, who is trying to nurture a cash cow, it wouldn’t be smart for them to put Canelo in a ring with a bigger man who could crush his spirit and potentially provide a major setback in his career.
  • Erislandy Lara: Lara is coming off a huge win off Austin Trout, and has certainly picked up momentum as a viable contender for anyone. His technical skills and style may make for an interesting matchup up for Golovkin, but he is still lighter in weight and not a very entertaining option. He would have to use his defensive skills to fend off the onslaught of punches GGG is sure to bring. It’s just that no one is chomping at the bit to see Lara fight anyone.

GGG Hit List – The Middleweights

  • Sergio Martinez: Martinez is the most obvious option for Golovkin because he is still regarded as the best in the 160 pound division and the linear champion. However, he has been slowing down in his last couple of fights and with Golovkin becoming the dominant force that he has been, GGG is likely to be a favorite. But, we can’t just yet crown a new champion without one being dethroned, which is why this fight would hold such significance. GGG needs to fight a top pound for pound fighter and Martinez is the obvious selection. His awkward southpaw style might give Golovkin problems, or GGG’s raw savagery may put the aging Martinez’s career to an end. This fight may happen later this year, but first Martinez will likely have to get past a tough challenge in Miguel Cotto.
  • Peter Quillin: Peter Quillin has fought some tough opponents, but a matchup against Golovkin would be by far his hardest test to date. They both have a mutual opponent in Gabriel Rosado, and each men retired him via TKO. However, Golovkin battered him, and Quillin was lucky the fight ended due to a cut, and that he got a decision victory which was dubious. Aside from Sergio Martinez, this fight makes the most sense in several ways. Quillin has somewhat of an awkward style, and packs a big punch. He has yet to see a blemish on his record, which would mean someone’s 0 would have to go. He’s another titleholder in the division, and would be an easy sell to American fight fans.
  • Andy Lee: The Irish southpaw is looking like he’s the leading candidate to be the next opponent for Golovkin on April 26th at Madison Square Garden. Lee is a solid fighter, and formidable, but wasn’t able to get past Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Just imagine what GGG will do.

Golovkin is supposed to fight four times this year, so if the fans don’t necessarily get a desired name in this bout, they will have ample opportunities down the road. Andy Lee is a more than serviceable opponent for the time being, but after that, it’s well past due that Golovkin mixes it up with somebody of Quillin’s or Martinez’s caliber.

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