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Pacquiao-Bradley PPV “Punch of the Night” pictures

Credit: Will Hart - HBO

HBO Boxing is running a quick little informal contest to determine the Punch of the Night from the Pacquiao-Bradley PPV. Right here, you can find the 5 nominees for your consideration, one each for Bradley and Pacquiao, and then one each for the previous 3 fights of the evening. Of course, I already know my pick – when you score a vicious, dramatic knockout like the one Randall Bailey had on Mike Jones, that has to be it. But you can take a look at all of the pictures right here and see for yourself, some great shots.

So, there are your five pictures. You see Bradley and Pacquiao each tagging one another during their bout. Then you see the aftermath of the Bailey-Jones knockout punch, as well as Jorge Arce delivering an uppercut to Jesus Rojas, and Guillermo Rigondeaux blasting Teon Kennedy.

I think the results – Jones staring up at the ceiling, a bloody mess – speak for themselves.

You can vote on the HBO contest to determine the Pacquiao-Bradley PPV Punch of the Night here, and then vote for your favorite by liking that picture. And don’t forget to check out our complete collection of Pacquiao vs. Bradley photos.